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what a joke!

illa j of course


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Happy Birthday PZA

FP you don!


Just want to say happy birthday to my man FP ! Hope you have a good day bru.. mad loveski

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New Tunes dem..

On the ASM myspace.. finally. Schegg em out..


As I’m a cyber-retard, and dont know how to make it into a link, youre gonna have to copy n paste it.. Ha!

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2 more – Dilla

click on thumbnails gurls.

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big up nearski

just thought i’d draw one of nearski’s characters, then scan it in. mad bored


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Av it!

If the Fat C was to fight Ziplock, I think we can all agree it would look a little like this.

this is for Swanning off when we all have to deal with bitter cold! mad love homes!

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i like.



enough sillyness..


read this if you want to see that no matter how bad things are going, it could all be much much worse. i’m sure you’ve all read 1984 and animal farm, but this one seems to slip off most people’s radars for some reason. the book is basically split into two parts, him living in paris as a plongeur (dishwasher) and in london as a tramp. his life seems awful while he’s working in paris, because he slaves away all day only to spend his tiny wage on drinking for a few hours on saturday. he never gets to hang out with women or really excersize his intellect, so he decides to go to london because of a seemingly simple job that would pay really well. he arrives in london only to find that his job has been postponed for a few months, so he has to make due with the couple of pounds he has brought over. he ends up sleeping in spikes with other tramps and living off cups of tea and slices of toast – often reluctantly received from religious charities.

as always, his writing is very observant and he reads people very well. the best parts of the book are when he looks at his time as a plongeur and tramp analytically. he just goes on this extremely on-point rant about how neither of these “professions” are neccessary and how they are both dehumanising. i’ll let you see what he says and how he says it. my only qualms with it were the little traces of racism and misogyny that are sprinkled throughout… but i guess it was just the spirit of the times.

i finished that last week and now i’m on this:


i’m only on page 37 and its dooooope.

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