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Quest for G

I guess one has to take his hat off to the guys at the Gatorade-advertisement-section that made this masterpiece of a Werbung:

Straight Monthy Python-tribute. And dig the Bobby Digital-Beat that comes in when they meet the JabbaWockeez.


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Amazing viral campaign by some clever dutchmen.

Unfortunately, my esize isn’t as big as it should be. But, I can always increase it by adding popular friends! hahaha..

Follow me in my quest: SATIVOYO’S TWITTER.

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This is my favourite moondog track. Its groovy + silly and I wouldn’t mind hearing it every day of my life. I have to admit Sebilio put me on to this a while back and I kind of slept (as I tend to do), but now I’m all over this. In fact, since Seb was such a fan I bought him Moondog’s biography for his birthday. I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t read it though. Have you? HUH?!


The Barbican is hosting a tribute show at the end of may. I’m going. Who’s coming with me?

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I’m addicted

I’ve officially entered the 1990’s finally.

I’m getting quite addicted to this new thing called ‘blogging’

Don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it was all the rage a while back and the Guardian have done features on it, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Only problem is, I seem to be doing it a hell of a lot more than Aidan, but together we seem to have a theme…..Booze & Reggae.

Stylings taken from my other favourite blog (I think you’ll recognise the theme Claudio?!!)

Anyway, take a look…. www.skylarkinsoundsystem.co.uk

Stay tuned for Aidan’s mammoth review of his favourite Jamaican rums….That could take a while.

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Martin Lihs at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany has created a prototype of a virtual spray paint can for the Nintendo Wii. [via] Called the WiiSpray, this can allows any would-be graffiti artist to practice their skills in a safe environment without having to fear cops or angry property owners. The can works with the same motion-sensing capabilities that the Wiimote makes use of. The WiiSpray even comes with several different caps to simulate real-world spray cap properties and feel. This looks like a lot of fun to play with. If only we would have had this back in the day!

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