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.. is Online. Slowmotion, the worlds slowest disc jockey, whom you might remember from having participated in milestones of the cassette’s history like


or his by no degree less dope solotape hike.. , is coming through on a steady East-course from L.A. to New York across the Atlantic ocean to the shores of the United Kingdom with

Blaq Poet Message from Poet
Sean Price Boom Bye Yeah
Roots Manuva Witness (1 Hope)
The Streets Don’t mug yourself
Kano P’s & Q’s

Dig his mix and prepare for the next parts ! History in the making ..


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Remo Gaillard is a genius!

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Just a cheeky little mix for peeps to check.

1. Fat C & ASM – Righteous Swords (JellyBass Mash-up)

2. Fat C & FP – FP’s Lament (No bok remix)

Download here: REMIX MASH-UP TING

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I’ve been extremely disappointed in stones throw for the past year or so. The only good releases they’ve had have been that baron zen remix album (danny breaks and dam funk have the only dope tracks though) and james pants’ debut. As an aside I have to big up danny for his set at new bohemia last week. Its too bad there weren’t enough people representing..

Anyways, i guess stones throw have been mad busy launching their new website and digital store. i peeped it for the first time in ages yesterday and the site is looking so clean. upon perusing the digi store, i saw this and immediately copped it on principle for a cold $9.99.

the story behind this is that although everyone is eagerly waiting for madvillainy 2 (which might never come out…) madlib decided to take doom’s vocals and make some good old boombap music to it. Its 25 tracks deep and quite good, but not as good as the original in my opinion. Its hard to fuck with classics. it also includes a few tracks that weren’t on the original..

Then I saw the crazy box set they’re also putting out for a physical release of this remix album – for $125! Insane. But its worth it, if you’re still completely obsessed with doom. It includes a limited edition 7″, a dope shirt, a copy of the demo tape that ” wasn’t even tweaked but got leaked into cyberspace”, a comic book which continues the ALL CAPS video and some fresh packaging.

Just to remind you how dope that video is:

These days you have to go all out to make people not want to download shit, and i think stones throw have done a really good job forcing fans to buy shit. I thought about buying it for a minute, but then remembered I’m not too down with Doom since his agent said the only way he would do a verse for ASM is if we paid him $10,000-20,000. For one verse! Do one DOOM.

PS, for all you non-music buying types. Beware.

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fucking great.

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Classic ASM !

Epic ASM session. Who remembers?? Watch at least 15 times to catch all the goodness!

So fresh !!!

mad love


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A New Breed Of Dub

Their is void that exists between King Tubby and Skream, Lee Perry and Benga. A very small UK underground scene is filling that void with what I like to call ‘sick type sheeeeeeeat snotches’. This type of dub keeps much more of a roots influence than dubstep but also integrates other elements of electronic music…house kick drums, digital sub bass etc


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