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i found all these pictures i took while the norskensteiner was staying at mine.

drankin a 40oz.

he brought this blanket with him…

setting up next to the “little people” tennis court in venice beach.

weirdest old guy of all time riding the smallest bike of all time.

oh, and if you guys haven’t heard, this is what happens to ASM haters and snitches:

stop snitchin.


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I thought all of you should have the chance to check this… It’s a video for a mate of mine’s new track “Our Season”

Pneumatic & Sloth – “Our Season”

Check out at the end – “I hope they’re not pissed we stole all their bitches”
Hahahahaha! – Anyway – hope you enjoy!

Make sure you give props @


sloth makes beats

headcount records

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Robots in disguise!

This was sent to me by the man DJ Moodie thought people might dig this!

Me and FP have been chilling in Liverpool the past few days and ‘FP and Fade’s Funk Crusades‘ are done!

It’ll be a free download as soon as I can get it uploaded online for people. If you are on yousendit, you can check it out now. Tomorrow we head to leamington Spa for Versatile’s Birthday and a fresh ASM Stage show..then it’s rocking a sold out show in paris with Wax Tailor and back in Leeds for DJ Format and ASM show…. I love life!!


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yes y’all

I know alot of you might not appreciate the dopeness that is ed banger records. I have been getting into their stuff since I heard DJ Mehdi’s “Lucky Boy” album, which is a really funky record. Somehow I heard about “Loukoums,” his homage to Dilla’s Donuts, downloaded it as a podcast, and its been on heavy rotation since.
Peep it if you ever get a chance…

Then I heard about Justice. Then Feadz & Uffie. Then DJ Funk. Then SebastiAn. Then BusyP. Etc… Basically, these guys are doing their own thing and loads of people are following. Its crazy that Pase Rock is all up in this movement too. I guess he just does whatever the fuck he wants and does it well. Never saw him perform with 5 Deez, so this will be my first time seeing him live.

oh, and I stumbled upon this gem last night. Man, they were so fucking dope. And to think, 3 feet high came out in 1988…

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Fontella Bass!!!!

Check out these two videos both featuring Fontella Bass. The first is her most famous song ‘rescue me’ a classic that everyone knows. The second is a feature in a cinematic orchestra song – ‘all that you give’ one of the most moving songs iv heard in a long time. The cinematic orchestra are on tour very soon in the UK so go and see them if you get the chance. Anyone who doesn’t like the song ‘all that you give’ needs there brain checking and is no friend of mine bitch!!

Take it easy people

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Lover’s Rock

The Fat C is back with his second blog. blaaah, brrraap, braap!!! I want to continue with the theme of Reggae influenced sub genres.

This week its Lovers Rock, which is basically a romantic rhythm and blues influenced form of reggae. Lover’s rock was a product of the UK reggae scene in the mid to late 70’s. In the early 70’s most roots reggae was extremely focused on writing songs about social protest and Rastafari spirituality. Many UK artists at the time were looking for an alternative theme to political Reggae.

Jamaican music from Ska to Roots Reggae has always been influenced by American soul. Lovers Rock is simply an attempt to merge these two types of music even more. They take the smooth vocals of American soul and merge it with a reggae bassline and riddim. Lover’s rock never really became too popular in Jamaica itself, however it was adopted by many roots reggae artists (e.g. John Holt & Gregory Isaacs) as an alternate style in order to appeal to a wider audience.

One of the best Reggae complications heavily influenced by Lover’s Rock is: ‘Cactus Classics Vol -1 & 2’ It’s a must buy for anyone who is serious about there smooth reggae.

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funky foood

Story behind this is that fade, green and I all got insanely crunk one night last summer and decided that we wanted to write a concept song with a funky loop; we had been joking around earlier in the day, and somehow came up with this chorus. It kind of just recorded itself from there.

I’m hungry…

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