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large rappers..

i’ve been going through a biggie phase over the past couple of weeks and i saw this…
any reason why only large rappers get toys?

speaking of large rappers, i saw krs-one for the first time the other week. it was insane. he rapped over classical music, freestyled about transcending time and space, and played dope shit all night. he’s so live its unbelievable, and really, he is one of the few rappers i’ve seen live that deserves the title master of ceremony.

if you know me, you know i dont really like hippies and hippie-related sermons… i won’t go into all that now… anyways, krs-one was going on about peace and love all night and at first, i wasnt digging it at all. needless to say, after a few tracks he converted me on the spot.

completely unrelated, but nevertheless important: if you are sleeping on the new mos def album, good for you. its the worst shit i’ve ever heard.

im going to get my hippie on and go plant a tree y’all.


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Written by Green-t about a week ago.. but for some reason it didn’t post up.. anyway thought i’d throw it on the blog too… enjoy

Ya boy GREEN up in this bitch… Bun babylon!!

Last weekend was ASM madness in full effect.. Friday night in Leeds ASM tore shit up if I may say so myself, after rocking an epic acoustic rehearsal session in the backstage area.. beatboxing, soul-clapping, rhyme-flipping, violaliscious, flutastic ridiculousness.. ya men the Fat Controllah, Norsk, and Indecision representin in a huge way as well..

Big props to new Bohemia on that note for putting on some ill nights and drawing a dope crowd.. very eclectic an ting.. couple of hippies with their hearts a-bleedin during the climate change track as well, so funny..

after the show it was mad drunken antics time as usual.. ASM living up to their reputation as “the biggest pisshead hip-hop crew I’ve ever seen”-some dude at Chase The Devil..

Then hit up the mint tea at this moroccon sheesha den the next morning before cruisin on over to liverpool for more madness.. Pass The Peas was pure funk in the physical form of a club night.. Green-T n Lando back to back for three hours, following which the man Indecision murdered all soundbwoys in a 5 mile radius.. fire.. F to the P was our host for the night and on top form all weekend.. he was flippin time-tickin line written with eye-squintin hind-vision most of the time.. or something along those lines.. too ill, Fpeezy.. ur the man.. the place was crazy full and poppin the fuck off all night, big big big props to the man Fade, whos not only supafly on the beats and the promotion tip, but also fresh n cleeeeeeeeeeeean, nawmean?

eventually the party shifted to the backroom where the ASM djs were taking turns playing two or three tracks each for another couple hours, but by then the concept of time was meaningless.. sheer chaos and rum-soaked mayhem was in effect.. vaguely remember the boom-shakalack coming on and from then on its psychedelic freak out 60s style..

much love to the crew, we held it down like no other.. cant wait for the video shoot this weekend.. more on that soon

also, on  a tangential note,  I saw an amazing production of Belleville Redez-vous at the phoenix cinema in oxford last week with a band playing the soundtrack live in the cinema.. turntables, accordion, bass, guitar, percussion, vibraphone.. fucking unbelievably ill.. mad love to animal, takin it to the next level..

1 love


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5 tracks myspace

Alright, been on a mad busy tip recently with uni, setting up pass the peas club night and you’ll be happy to know starting the organisation for our European tour in June. I’m gonna post up pictures from our ‘flootasm’ video shoot in the next few days when I get copies of them all but in the mean time for all the myspace addicted heads out there I wanted to share something which just came up yet passed alot of people by.

If you want to put 5 tracks on your myspace music player all you’ve gotta do is hit up http://www.myspace.com/bodog and add them as a friend.. that simple, pretty dope right? Who knows how much they paid myspace to hook up a deal like that but still take advantage of it while it lasts everyone.

it’s saturday morning hangover, beats and breakfast time! Enjoy people!


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check dis out

lookin good ASMovement!!!

i was just gettin blunted the otha night n as it happens i got stuck on youtube for a while… so i stumbled across this video which i thought was quite fresh.. especially the first half of it… then it kind of turned a more alternative kind of ‘fresh’… nevertheless i think u shud check it out.. n enjoy the last one… the beat killz it.. altho the MC-in is undoubtedly quite interesting too!!

aaight im out…

dig it

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Ill sizz-nazz


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worst movie ever.

i just saw 300. its the worst movie ever, hence the title of this blog post. it was derogatory to all people. it objectified men and women. yo, i like seeing skin as much as the next guy, but this was absurd. it must be mad weird to be a woman and see half-naked chicks everywhere… i felt like this was the most homo-erotic film i’ve seen in a while. man…

it was disgusting propaganda. the spartans wanted validation for fighting for the ideal of “freedom” against the dirty “persians”… wait a second, isnt the good ol’ USA at war with “persia” for the ideal of “freedom”?

it was bad enough that it wasnt good. at all. zack snyder is absurdly wack, he really should give up. he shouldnt be allowed to make anything ever again. waste of $9, could have bought a 45. funny trivia fact though: the protagonist’s name is green-t’s middle name. i’ll let you do the detective work…

here are some nice screen shots i found… enjoy.

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well.. probably not the big screen but most likely all over youtube, myspace and injesmoel! word! … ASM are filming the music video for Flootasm on the 16th, 17th and 18th of March.. but so you don’t miss out on the antics the nice chaps from the BBC are gonna come down and do a documentry on us making it…. smashing!

we’ve a show in Leeds this Friday too and our James Brown Tribute night is on Saturday in Liverpool…. we’re too nice! nawww your too nice for supporting!


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