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Fresh little Flipbook


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Jeeeez…..These guys don’t

The best bit is the actual ‘truck load of money’ and the hot bitches counting it

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1. Words from Ma Dukes
2. Dillagence (produced by DJ Spinna)
3. Takin’ What’s Mine
4. Step Up
5. The Conversation feat. Talib Kweli
6. Code of the Streets feat. MOP
7. Lightworking feat. Q-Tip & Talib Kweli
8. Baggage Handlers feat. Raekwon
9. How We Roll
10. Best That Ever Did It feat. Rah Digga
11. Psycho feat. Cassidy & Papoose
12. Another Day At The Range feat. Rah Digga
13. Not Right Now
14. Other Side of the Road
15. Who Tryin to Kill You
16. High
17. Dillagence Outro
D/L Here….

Dont say I never give you nothin’ !

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its true.


the number on the far left is position in the top 100 tracks played in france this week. The first number on the right is weeks in the chart, and the last number was last week’s position.

quite pow.

big up wax tailor!

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its hopeless

check out this absolutely insane shit i found on youtube……

crazy shit huh?? f to da u, n….. k to da y

p.s. check this shit out too… we’re in front of fitty: http://charly1300.site.voila.fr/top100france.htm

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free shizz


just wanted to let peeeps know that we are posting links to some mixes from the Third Culture familia. Click on that link above (next to home) that says third culture mixes.

we will try to get new mixes as often as we can. and we will definitely mix tings up with regards to genres.

yours truly,

sativo approves

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Was digging on a Downloadsite for some rare German-Instrumentals and Vinyl-Only-Releases and look what I found under “Maxis/EPs“:

The new EP for free .. damn. Just remembered the Birthday Bash where FP and I had an interesting talk outside about how the rapscene changed and that nowadays even such Underground-heros like Count Bass-D have to suffer from Downloading and I asked him if he already made experience with people downloading ASM-stuff.

How do you feel about that ?

Tell me, because I was kind of shocked to see your guys newest Project amongst 90% German-Mainstream-Bullshit and some classic Albums.

(Of course I own the original version, haha)

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