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Hey, I just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to design wise in Japan. Please click on the picture below to enter my current online portfolio.


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reaaaal hip hop

just found this.. did u guys bring 6ix toys aswell?

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Never say never, the Top Ten Tape-Series is back. Proud of having his own category (and very grateful to Sativo for that), the Tapeking wants to share his newest creation with you. As you already know, the Deutschraptape is Part 6 of the already classic City Series, and just for the sake of it it was split up in three parts. Part one

was done by the Tapeking and featured music from the Golden Age of German Rap divided into areas like Hamburg (5 Sterne, Beginner, Eins Zwo), Stuttgart (Freundeskreis, Massive Töne), Heidelberg (Torch, Stieber Twins) etc. Rare Tracks, Vinyl-recordings, Remixes and an exklusive Intro by Lookey feat. Tony Tong as well as a not less exklusive Outro by Geronimo & Dj WildStyle.

Tape two

was done by Dj Castro and adapted the concept from his predecessor on the B-side while the other side was a compilation of Rap from Karlsruhe. A dope Geronimo & Q-Fingaz exklusive, a Tony Tong-Remix and Scratch-interludes where among the highlights of this cassette. Now the third part, whose back will finally unity the brothers Mann like this:

is dedicated to all the DJs and Producers of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, those guys who sadly are unknown in too many cases. Therefore, the cassette’s bigger part consists of intrumentals (a 60/40 mixture if we would be talking about Rum-Coke) plus a nice little Sample-mix for every major producer featured and ever so often a verse or two in between. Kind of revolutinary, this concept, but we can not forever stick around ’96.

And as always, the Tapeking not even bothers to brag around with his Turntable-skills and serves you a smooth and dilligently conveyed 60minute-Mix, whose cover and tracklist you can see beneath.

Slowmotion Intro
Eins Zwo Flaschenpost
Rabauke Weltretten 4-
Profan78,Der Lange Ticket Retro
Too Strong Too Strong meets Business
Manges Tiefergelegt
Perbee Ohne Ende
DCS 1x
Sepalot Kennst du das
Kaleidoskop Für euch
Sepalot Fensterplatz
Blumentopf Samplemix
Blumentopf 6 Meter 90 
Matthias Arfmann Füchse
Absolute Beginner Natural Born Chillas
Beginner Samplemix
Eißfeldt Hammerhart
Bubblez Rapz vom Mond (Remix)
Doppelkopf Endlich
ABS Null-8-15
Discopolo Komma klar (Remix)
Kinderzimmer Productions Quasi Modo Lost Control
Kinderzimmer Productions,Manges Fuck What you have heard
Azad Leben
Azad Drama 
Don Fillipo Erste Schritte
Freundeskreis Esperanto
Dj Stylewarz,Ferris MC Tanz mit mir
Dj Stylewarz 2 MCs und 1 DJ
Echorausch Knock em out the box
CC Diamond Wir Münchner
Pütz Money Beat
Pütz Money Mellow
O-Flow,Kurt Hussn Köln Süd

Hulk Hodn Gangsterberuf
Hulk Hodn Pappmensch
Hulk Hodn Radiowecker
Huss und Hodn Pornofilmkaese

Noy Riches Noys Theme

RAG Schwingungen
Mr Wiz Metropolis


Of course, and as Green should know, the mix is also available on a high-quality  C60-cassette with a hand-made cover and a good dose of love. The mp3-version of the mix can be downloaded HERE.

Take care of it ! Peace, the Tapeking

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Hip Hop Kemp 2008

The Tapeking and the extended fam returned yesterday night after a straight twelve-hour drinking-orgy in their 94-Ford-Escort and now that I am halfway rested, I feel the time has come to share some thoughts about this festival, because you guys know this thing at least as long as I do (2005) and might understand my frustration ..

Apart from the organization of the camping lot

– why was there only one of it this time and how could the idea even come up that one entrance could serve for the whole thing ? We stood there with all our stuff for nearly 40 minutes and that was on Thursday –

and the increasing capitalism of the city itself

– I remember that four years ago, you paid around 1,80 to get to the swimming hall while this time it was close to 5 € (115 K) we had to pay to get a shower –

it was the organization of the main stage that annoyed me most. It is an unfortunate thing for every promoter if one or more of the main acts do not show up and I kind of understand that. Understood it at Splash! 2002 when the GZA could not come, understood it at the same festival three years later, when Nas did not show up, but where the Splash!-organisators brought an adequate substitute like Rahzel, the Hip Hop Kemp-crew seems not to give a fuck about the absence of their headliners.

We had this in 05, when they simply stretched the running order one hour to the back when Non Phixion did not show up and made Last Emperor the headliner of Sunday (which gave Geronimo MC & Q-Fingaz the unique chance to play in front of nearly 15.000 people, okay) and we had this on a several occasions during the course of the following year (Swollen Members etc.) until it reached, at least in my opinion, its climax in this year.

Army of the Pharaohs is not one of my favourite crews and to be honest, I did not care to see them at all, but a lot of people really wanted to see them, as I learned during a couple of dialogues. So is it okay to pretend that it does not matter if there are five rappers on the stage or if only King Syze is there ?

No, it is not okay and not many people felt that it was okay, to judge from their reactions after that announcement. And it was a really unfortunate coincidence that Pharoahe Monch got ill during his UK-tour and had to go to the hospital, but can it be so difficult to find at least a substitute for that guy ?

It seems so, because they simply moved the Bahamadia-show from the UNITIY-stage to the main stage and I do not know why but they somehow cancelled her regular show with the other female MCees there on Sunday. Scared of people getting oversaturated by seing the same rapper twice on stage during the course of two days ? I just don’t get it and I furthermore saw no way – except to be in front of the main stage the whole day (which would have sucked hard with all those stupid sound-checks on early noon) or by learning Czech -to get any information about all those lineup-changes.

Speaking of changes in the lineup, which insane autocrat decides all these apparently arbitrary exchanges ?

I mean they announce the running-order one week in advance on the internet. You check it again on the day of your departure and print it out to make sure that you have the newest version. Having arrived in Hradec Kralove, you grab one of those printed out-running orders at the ribbon-release to be definitely on the safe side. And then you hurry up to be in time to see the Huss & Hodn-showcase and you are lucky that you made it ten minutes in advance and will be able to get a beer before the show starts but once in sight-distance of the main stage, you realize that they are already on stage, which would not be that bad, and, which is the worst thing, you hear the rapper say that perfectly fitting sentence that the next song will be the last one of the show ..

That’s only the peak of the iceberg, though. Can there be a more helpless feeling than to come to the main-stage on a Saturday to see a favoured artist of yours and, after being confronted with some foreign-language-rapping-dudes, you ask the lineup for advice and see that this Polish-crew was originally scheduled for Friday, so you add two and two together and figure out that you simply missed that artist (as I did in 2005 with the Waxolutionists, as we did in 2007 with Dendemann).

Come again next year. Don’t spend so much time at the camping lot. Become a member of the organization-team. FUCK YOU !

And why do you set up a running-order when it has so much delay that all the people who were not that good in mathematics, like myself, give up to figure out the new stage-time and simply orientate by the artist that is now playing. You guys had to suffer from this in 2007, when Redman was two hours late and his show ran parallel with yours and it was not any better this year when, for example, the Turntable Jazz-showcase started at 0:20 instead of half past nine. That’s nearly THREE HOURS, how can you expect a headliner to make a regular show in front of a regular audience at 4 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING ??!

Was this maybe the answer to the question why the program on the mainstage on sunday was scheduled to be finished at 8 o’clock ?! Why do they still put so many acts on one day even though the previous years should have showed that it is not possible to do it in time then ? And yo, only love for the Roots, but isn’t it a main rule for any promoter not to play any songs of the main act before they come on stage ? I remember KRS One, who wanted to cancel his whole show due to ONE song of him that the WARM-UP-DJ played nearly FOUR HOURS before and here they simply play a WHOLE Roots-CD RIGHT BEFORE THE SHOW ..

Speaking about senselessness, did you check out the “Backspin VIP Hangar” ?

They had Torch aka Haitan Star on Friday, they had Adlib and *Ben on Saturday and, most important for me, four hours of the Waxolutionists right after the Roots-show on Sunday. A “must-check-out” for me, but when rumours started to go around that ordinary human beings, people like myself who wear a orange-ribbon, can’t get in there, I was so turned off that I did not even try to get in.

Why do you announce the lineup of a hangar in a PUBLIC FLYER and then tell the MAJOR PART OF ITS READERSHIP that they are not allowed to enter without a VIP-RIBBON ?!

I could write a whole book about this but following the advice of the Tralfamadorians, I shall try to concentrate on the happy parts. Much respect to the ASM-crew for doing such a dope new show, I can’t wait to listen to some of those tracks on CD. “Age of the Platypus” is already a classic here and I really dig the new instruments. Too bad that we couldn’t carry out our soccer-match, would have been fun to give Mr. Simmons a sliding tackle. Would have done that when we saw you walking by our tent on Sunday, Fade, but Dante pointed out that you seemed to be “on a mission”, haha. Maybe next time, heard you will be in Deutschland during November.

Peace out ..

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Pick em up

This gem tells the story of John Snow. With the help of another soho resident, they managed to discover the cause of cholera and debunk the theory that it was miasma-spread as opposed to a water-borne virus. Insane detective steez. There’s a pub named after him in soho to this day. I’m gonna have a pint there today.

Same author, very different tip. This is for the people that think tv is toxic. I feel like I have this type of argument really frequently – that popular culture is the devil and we should all shun technology, etc… This breaks it down, in a very entertaining way. One thing to understand before you read this – he’s not saying that books are bad for you and tv makes you a better person. He just shows how popular culture has been getting steadily more complex and participatory. Good quick read.

And I’m just sinking my teeth into this. Its already made me laugh out loud a couple of times on the bus. Crazy characters and dope dialouge. Highly recommended.

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