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For the haters….

Anyone who wants to hate on guilty can come to me….but listen to this first

On a white label at the mo – not coming out cos of the sample – but its Dilla on the beat



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Michael Winslow

Wikid Pedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Winslow

Michael Winslow (born September 6, 1958) is an American actor and comedian known as the “Man of 10,000 Sound Effects” for his ability to make realistic sound effects using only his voice. He is best known for his role as Sgt. Larvell “Motor Mouth” Jones in the Police Academy series of movies and TV shows.

Random Shiznett:

Winslow uses his motivational speaking skills at business meetings for major investment banks such as Goldman Sachs

I forgot how to post videos. somebody hook me up with straight up knowlegde.

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 a chance to be next to the crew with a message of peace thats been blooming since life began I find my fingers typing on a mini keyboard in Sofia. Out of love for the one you all know and coincidences in general here is a bit of underwater saludo cydetrack style!


 Just made my way out of kosovo, a traill of almost being blown to bits by left over cluster bombs while looking for a campsite at 3am in Peja, finding some of the only people Ive encountered to be lovin th US and UK for good reason, learning about the neglect of people living in a city where half the city is still burnt houses and shops with somuch more that would be much better to mention without a time limit. One thing for sure, Albania has one of the most menacing flagss Ive seen with some of the kindest, most generous people behind it. So after camping out in abandoned venetian castles, camping in the mountains overlooking the Adriatic Ive got some due love to send to all those reading!

and to continue the mind power posts…

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anyway… here’s sum ill type art that i think norsk shud get down with in our live show!!! soooo sicK!!!

there’s a lot more ill shit by this dude.. so check it out.. his name is DAN DUNN!! Props!

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In late 2005 Ghostface Killa and MF DOOM were both recording over tracks from J Dilla’s instrumental opus, Donuts, which saw release the following February. Some of these were released on Ghostface’s Fishscale in 2006, while others, including a Dilla-Doom project, were postponed indefinitely after J Dilla’s passing. Two of these tracks, “Sniperlite” and “Murder Goons,” will be released digitally, exclusively through Stones Throw’s webstore, due to launch in late June.

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ode to the dons!

yoyo… been a while… but on such a historic day, i feel it’s neccessary to look back at the true kings of the pitch! i know it’s been rough for them this year due to their own stupidity and lack of hustle… but tonight we’ll all witness a severe molestation of a pretty-boy-team! let take a look at 2006 when these 2 teams faced eachother……. (props to the soundtrack)

and here’s just another great moment in german football interpreted by blumentopf….. enjoy and know that we’re hittin up the semi-final again!!!

all i have to say is: DEUTSCHLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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