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some next level shit!

chocolate ads are getting weirder and weirder..


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English football and me

A delicate theme on this blog, I know, but due to an absolutely unspectacularly weekend and my unprecedented brokenness (yeah, an aftermath of Zurich), I find myself at home since late Friday with plenty of freetime and a triple-FA-Cup-feature on DSF. Even though they are as far away from being a sport-channel as modern MTV is from being musictelevision, I have to admit that they did a pretty good job with those three livegames (Manchester United, FC Arsenal and right now, more precise after the break, the FC Liverpool). The commentator even showed some emotions when Everton scored.

That much to the circumstances, we continue with my personal situation. Besides a little fling with Borussia Dortmund when I was around twelve (their jerseys had the color I favor most since I had a yellow snail as wardrobe-sign in Kindergarten) I am not a fan of any team in particular, but of good football. Sounds pretty corny and brought me a lot of discussions with hardcore-fans, but besides a little bit more sympathy for the FC Kaiserslautern, because they are what you could call “local team” and because my father is one of their fans, the rest of my benevolence goes to whoever does a decent job on the field.

Besides international matches with the participation of teams from the United Kingdom my knowledge of the Premier League is limited to Fifa which is inasmuch the same as 4 out of 5 English teams people play on Playstation with do also play in the Champions League and in the UEFA-Cup. Aston Villa is the big exception, never really heard of them before I saw them playing against Hamburg. So yeah, when I watched the first half of the Manchester United – Tottenham-game on Friday with my girl, which is why I could only make the compromise of watching the first half, I learned that Tottenham is actually a London-based team. Which came as surprising as the news that Everton is from Liverpool. And that all those “-borough”-teams are from London too?!?

Damn, I thought the Russian League was strange with their four or five teams from Moscow, but you guys are even more weird. 8 or something teams from three cities, that is like a derby each weekend, isn’t it? No comparison to Germany where even such places like “Bielefeld”, “Cottbus”, “Hannover” and, newest and probably realest, “Hoffenheim”, which is like a 3500 citizen-place, play in the Bundesliga.

Any comments or explanations on that issue? To say that you are sorry would help too. And who is a supporter of which team here? Nearski is Hot Spurs if I remember it right, Sativo is Arsenal, isn’t he? What about Green, still supporting the Eintracht?

By the way, Eintracht Frankfurt played in the Championsleague-Final against Real Madrid in 1960, check it out:

And before I forget:

We still have to play the game of ball that you guys didn’t attend at the Kemp 08. Ha!

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The Villain again..

Check this out.. from 2:43 onwards, the voice of Sherman the Giraffe is quite clearly none other than the Doomster

On another note.. This is some severely tripped-out shit!

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big up landeezee. this is from dazed & confused’s jan09 issue – same page as zomby?!

lando teedso ill.

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gonna cop this right now.

yancey bwoys

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Bollywood on Acid

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