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Have you had the opportunity to observe that there is still sort of a discussion going on in the post I once did after having read Tom Robbins’ “Jitterbug Perfume”? Check it out. This could give one the notion that this whole blog-thing is not that short-lived.

And yo, guess who dropped in to drop a comment about my “New York Mixtape”. None other than Finsta of Finsta Bundy!! Yeah, I know .. who the fuck? The same reaction as from all the friends I told about it – which could have given me the prudence to guess that bringing forward my enthusiasm about that comment here will yield similar reactions .. but anyway, check it out if you do not believe me (which you definitely have not, hah!).

So yeah, talking about short-lived: This whole blog-thing sometimes evokes such a feeling. It seems to me to be rather about posting a youtube-link or a Myspace-page, get/drop some comments and move on to the next best thing instead of making a proper use of the idea of worldwide-communication that the internet originally implies and which I consider to spread one’s opinion and have some procreative discussions with like-minded people.

Right now there is also this feeling of being stranded at an empty party like in the scenario of

“Answering nature’s call and after that searching in vain for a beer before returning to the former place of celebration and discovering that all but a few having gone to another, more promising, party without leaving me any adress or hint of whereabouts, only with an old cellphone-number under which nobody answers”.

But then again it might be just an unfounded feeling.

So yeah, because I always liked the personal thing about blogs and because Sativo asked me and also because this keeps me writing for another half an hour – here is my State of Tapeking Address:

The Tapeking has invested a considerable amount of his time during the last two months into the idea of building up something that can be called “rap scene” in his hometown Speyer. He started with two, and continued with three, like-minded people and the concept of the

Logo Rapstammtisch– a bimonthly session including DJs, MCs and Open Mic. The video Geronimo did in our living room (with me  knocked out on the couch) was done as a little promo. We had two sessions, or “Sitzungen” as I like to call them in reference to “Stammtisch”, and they both went to our fullest satisfaction. I also made a mixtape due to the lack of any warm up-DJ for the last session that I might post here in the nearer future.

We plan to do a third session in mid-August, so if word reaches me that anyone affiliated with ASM is in Germany around that time and likes to do some live-music, then he might get an invitation.

That much on the rap-part of the Tapeking’s life, even though it is not really possible to make a clear separation in that issue, for another goal of the running out semester is to bring more rap-music into academic life. The Tapeking tries to write three out of three term papers about rap-music; one in Contrastive Linguistics, one about Obama and the U.S.-presidency in general and one in “Die Grammatik des Deutschen” (which will be the hardest part of the topic-finding-process). So far the topic for the Obama-paper is planned to be something like “What do rappers think of Obama’s presidency in particular and of his predecessors in general?” (title is subject to change). It has not been accepted by the lecturer, Michael Schiffmann, who describes himself as left-activist of the 70’s and looks like a mixture of the Big Lebowski and Mick Foley with his lumberjack shirt, the bluejeans over the Doc Marten’s and occasional “Free Mumia / Troy Davis”-t-shirts, but because this man is like the coolest PhD the Tapeking has met so far, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The paper currently worked on will have a title like “The Use of Anglicisms in German Rap Music” and looked like this two weeks ago:

CoverThe lecturer said that the text corpus should be expanded a little bit so now it will include Blumentopf as well as some random examples throughout the German rap scene. The cover is rendered useless now, though. An example of the material already sighted is:

hardcore – nicht wirklich, denn ich komm’ am Mikro soft /

der Bill Gates des Rap prahlt mit seinen Scheinen wie so oft”

(Eins Zwo Sternzeichen Krebs)

It can be heard in the following track featuring Nico Suave and a Stieber Twins-Remixbeat: Check it out.

Allright now the point has come where I have grown to talkative, I guess. Excuse me for that, the constant working on term-papers must have taken its toll. Anyway, if anyone wants to talk about books: bringt it on, I’m down!

Peace, the Tapeking


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Greenimus Maximus posted this as a comment… But I think its too good to just leave there..

“The Gonz!! What a legend..

Here’s a piece of hip-hop related Gonz trivia for the nerds out there: He’s the dude who paints the figures on the glass which Fatlip smashes at the end (beginning) of the Pharcyde Drop video, directed by Spike Jones

And speaking of skateboarding and Spike Jones, people need to check out the Girl skateboards video, Mouse, from the mid-nineties. Its directed by Spike and the soundtrack is on some intensely bad-ass 70s classic funk shit.


Three Is the Magic Number
Eric Burdon & War – Magic Mountain
James Brown – Doing It to Death
Booker T. & the MG’s – Time Is Night
Joe Cuba – El Pito
Cymande – Brothers on the Slide
Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t worry) If there’s a hell below we’re all going to go
Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star
Bob James – Nautilus
Royal Flush – World Wide
Gwen McCrae – 90% of Me Is You
War – Slipping Into Darkness
Joe Bataan – Aftershower Funk
Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man

One of my most influential childhood memories is playing this video repeatedly just to hear the soundtrack, before I had turntables or facial hair.. absolute classic.”

I’m posting the video here because its soo fresh.

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BTG 004


We’re at it again.

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Some people

are just better than others.

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dumbo sex


Click on the image above to listen to a mix of music that doesn’t fit into the ASM crew’s palette at all. But, put it on at a party and I bet the ladies will love it. My friend made it.

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