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Still such a happy Yido!

I miss this like nothing else!

Oder was!?


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Such a happy Yido!

Spurs won the Cup lets all do the Govinda!!!!

Super Super Super…

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To make ears smile….

Link > http://www.zshare.net/audio/8147519beeb876/

Sloth – Intro
DJ Adlib & M.E.D. – Everyday (MPM)
Percee P – Soulclap Rap Attack (Soulclap / Stones Throw)
Jay Dee – Fuck the police (Up Above)
Elected – Eze Potatoe (Sirkus)
Potatoe 42 – Extended Lovers (Sirkus)
DITC – Day One (Rawkus)
Skillz – Take it back (Decon)
Cut Chemist – Audience’s Listening (Warner)
Jaylib – The Red (Stones Throw)
Skull Snaps – Its a new day (Redux) (Ten 12)
Kova & Miles – Clap Clap (MPM)
Pablo – Sing (Red Hook)
Urban Allstars – K54 – Cuba (Urban allstars)
Notorious B.I.G. – Party & Bullshit (Uptown)
James Brown – Public Service message (Polydor)
Ellen McIllwaine – Jimmy Jean (Mojo)
Random Heroes – C’mon & get it (Freestyle)
Manny Corchada – Pow wow (Jazzman Re-issue)
Flow Dynamics – Live in the mix (Freestyle)
FDEL – Get up on ya feet (Freestyle)
FDEL – Rocksteady (Freestyle)
James Brown – Get up, get into it (Polydor)
DJ Format – 2,3, Scrape (PIAS / Genuine)
LeScratchFunk – The go off! (MPM)
Kutiman – Music is ruling my world (MPM)
Carol King – I felt the earth (Sloth mix) (Urban Allstars)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son (Fantasy)
Charmaine Brunette – (Am I) The same girl? (Compost)


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Reitgeb slices it up.

Greetings from Delhi my Peops!

Saved my Par.

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Keb Darge and DJ Andy Smith

yoyoyoyo. going to this tonight.

lost andĀ found

should be insanely dope. two of the freshest djs freaking old school dance music. brrrap!

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One of my best friends (big up jesse) showed me this video ages ago back when I was living in cali. We’d smoke his volcano and watch stupid youtube videos for a while… and then play the drums or something like that.

This guy is basically an inexhaustible supply of quotes.

“Bang, Bang, Bang. Dangidy, Dangidy, Dang”.

“Knee in the head, and I can bounce him against the wall”.

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Hungry for Knowledge II

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