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is coming to New Bohemia tomorrow. This one has been super difficult to set up (as all events are) but I know that once this guy gets on stage its all going to be ok. Although he might not be down with this, I see him as the asian dilla. His beats are butter, not no margerine, strictly butter.


This is one of my favorite tunes from his amazing LP, New Territories. I know you’re skint, and never buy albums anymore, but this guy makes some amazing baby-making music! Cop that shit, you won’t regret it and your girl will love you more.

PS – Don’t download it, you snitch.


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On the topics of legends:

I wish I could say I owned this, but I never did. The closest I got to being really fucking cool as a 6 year old was having that blinging gold cartridge.

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Ratatat – Mirando

These guys were really big in LA back when I was still there. They were kind of too cool for me so i never really gave them a chance, despite their really fucking cool name.  Now they’re playing at Cargo in a month or so, and I’ve finally checked out their shit. I know it won’t be every asmer’s cup of tea, but I’m really digging it.

Check the cracked out video:

And if you’re interested, peep their myspace page.

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sorry homies.. that last post got a bit misunderstood by some cats on here and i’ll be more aware next time..

will be posting up my new EP soon with reeplay and mc presto which will be available to download on blunted aswell


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Sorry pitchster,

but can’t have no dumb racist shit like that posted on the blog… things might get a little silly, or heated, when snitches (or football) become topics, but we strive to promote dopeness and randomness up in hurre. like this guy:

I wonder how many hours he’s spent with his cards to get where he’s at. this, my homies, is what a legend looks like – mullet included.

I’ve also been thinking that I should share one of my new favorite songs with y’alls. I heard it while playing out at one of my residencies from this diggy dawg. He opened for Aesop Rock with us back in January, big up MyLeftRetina. Anyways, he played this tune and it blew me away. He got offended when I called asked him the name of the really big dubstep track he just played, so I don’t really know what genre to pigeon-hole this murrrdaration into. Enjoy it in all its WAV glory.


Oh, and there were some artists at cargo a few weeks ago that had a draw-off. Nike has had this “art-of-football” campaign thats been going on across the UK put on by YCN, a networking organisation for young talented artists. They were all very safe and made definitely added to the night’s vibes. Check em out, they are doing some dope shit.

to quote the abstract: all i want in this life is peace, prosperity and a little paper.

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Just found this……

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I tell a snutch like this….


Choo ain’t snatch!

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