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To make my contribution to the Renaissance that Green has started, here is a new mix I have been working on in late ’09 and January 2010:

Since the last Odyssey has gone astray from the path direct and never made it past its second mix, the Tapeking decided not to burden others with his musical experiments again and to do the next journey alone. With what he returned three months later is an one hour instrumental mix to which his sorrowful heart, the end of the good days in Speyer, a loss of  prospects for the nearer future and a trip to Hamburg contributed their parts.

It has been split up in seven loosely thematic chapters which follow the basic idea of the Mixtape Odyssey in that they are separate pieces but together form the whole mix. Here is the tracklist:

And here is the DOWNLOAD LINK. Uploaded it on rapidshare, so let me know if it does not work. And feel free to drop some feedback, appreciate it ..


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What it do!!

Its been a minute people, and the Blog has been teetering on the brink of irrivertible damage… this is the official re-emergence. Withered and scarred by alcohol abuse and deep depression, the Blog is back up in the place… the reason for this is, basically, that shit is poppin off hard.

2010 is the one.. that would be the main theme of this presentation. Were suiting the fuck up, and our album Platypus Funk is finally seeing the light of day thanks to the undisputed dons that are Lab’oratoire, First Word Records, and the Third Culture Family. The promo copies are out there, and look like this…

In support of our infant Platypus child, were hitting the road.. hard. New live show madness has been being crafted over the past few weeks.. our beast of a horn section Mack-Hi and Pow-Lo (6ix Toys) are locked and loaded for serious heat-bringage, the funk is definitely in the place, and we may well be rocking naked from the waist down at the following theatres near you:

Feb 25 ASM Dj Set @ Krempel (Buchs, Switzerland)
Feb 26 ASM Live @ Indy (Laax, Switzerland)
Feb 27 Fantastic Planet release party @ La Générale (Paris, France)
Mar 5 ASM Live @ Stadthalle (Hachenburg, Germany)
Mar 10 ASM Live @ L’autre Canel (Nancy, France)
Mar 11 ASM Live @ Le Fil (Saint Etienne, France)
Mar 12 ASM Live @ Salle de Montfavet (Avignon, France)
Mar 13 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Théâtre Le Rhône (Bourg Les Valence, France)
Mar 16 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ SFR Radio (Paris, France)
Mar 17 ASM Live @ La Cartonnerie (Reims, France)
Mar 18 ASM Live @ Le Cargo (Caen, France)
Mar 19 ASM Live @ Chabada (Angers, France)
Mar 20 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Cooperative de Mai (Clermont Ferrand, France)
Mar 25 ASM Live @ OLYMPIA (SOLD OUT!!) (Paris, France)
Mar 26 ASM Live @ OLYMPIA (SOLD OUT!!) (Paris, France)
Mar 29 PLATYPUS FUNK – our new album hits the stores! (Europe)
Apr 1 ASM Live @ La Carrière (Nantes, France)
Apr 2 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Festival Panoramas (Morlaix, Bretagne, France)
Apr 3 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Festival Garorock (Marmande, France)
Apr 10 ASM Live @ Club Zero (Czestochowa, Poland)
Apr 14 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Printemps de Bourges (Bourges, France)
Apr 16 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Zenith (Lille, France)
Apr 17 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Zenith (Strasbourg, France)
Apr 23 ASM Live @ Koyote Privat (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Apr 24 ASM Live @ Kraftwerk (Krummenau, Switzerland)
Apr 28 ASM Live @ TBC (Bristol, UK)
Apr 30 ASM Live @ New Bohemia (Leeds, UK)
May 1 ASM Live @ TBA (Liverpool, UK)
May 6 ASM Live @ La Nef (Angouleme, France)
May 7 ASM Live @ La Gespe (Tarbes, France)
May 8 ASM Live @ Sala Caracol (Madrid, Spain)
May 11 ASM Live @ Krakatoa (Bordeaux, France)
May 12 ASM Live @ Espace Cosmao Dumanoir (Lorient, France)
May 15 ASM Live @ Bikini Test (La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland)
May 21 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Radio Nova “Nuits des Zebrees” (Paris, France)
Jul 21 ASM w/ Wax Tailor @ Arènes de Nimes (Nimes, France)
Jul 23rd – 25th ASM Live @ Soundwave Festival (Petrcane, Croatia)

Shit will be going down like this:

We leave tomorrow, and will be keeping you all updated on the antics that ensue.. First stop is Buchs, Switzerland. Massive love to the homies Mischa & Pun from Beats on Tap.. Sweet alpine air and Roesti await.. Next is Laax, Switzerland, and then Paris for the Fantastic Planet release party!!! Paris crew, come through and brace for impact… THE PLANET IS COMING!!!!

Full Fantastic family will be in effect.. Mr Mattic, Fantastrid, La Fine Equipe…. 2010 is ours!!!

We’ll be back with updates on the reg from now on… insane Platypus Love!!!

Have I mentioned that were suiting the fuck up?


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