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just got back from playing in leeds last night, it was mad fun. got to play with the crew after a long 3 months. I didn’t take that many pictures… but here they are.

norsk and the fat controllah chilling on the stoop.
outside seans

chilling with jlive before soundcheck
coolin with j

this guy had been drinking at pubs since 4pm that afternoon. He dressed up as craig david, hence the chin. His friend (not pictured) was dressed as robin hood and was so fucking drunk he kept asking us what kind of music we played every thirty seconds. He also tried telling me about a punkdisco funk band that was going to surpass the beatles in 2 years, can’t remember their name though…

this guy runs leeds. his name is noah and he is one of the nicest cats i’ve ever met. chances are if you go to a dope show in leeds he was in charge of putting it on.

this is kidkanevil’s live band, they played after us and before jlive. they had a crazy flutist chick who played every dope hiphop flute tune imaginable. The MC was mad charismatic and was an ill beatboxer, and the percussionist was on point too. i can definitely say they held it down in a huge way. buy his album!

next gig is nottingham on the 1st. maaad excited.


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thanks to my man dj XeS for putting me on to this insanity. this man is california’s governor, mind you.

All I have to say is, “Biting…”

Yours Truly,

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We all know how dope Doom is. And we all know how dope the Bad Kid is………But do we know how it all started?

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Big Laura


um, did I say two.. I guess I meant one.

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I left palmtrees and in-n-out yesterday, thinking that it would be a long time before I saw the sun again; thank god the weather’s nice in frankfurt though. I chilled downtown with one of my homies (big up TMOS) for the last couple of days that I was around and I decided to take some pictures so that I wouldn’t have to remember so many thousands of words.

mad good food here
sick brisket
very LA i must say…
very realistic
i thought this was an interesting sign
this was the banner on the facade of the church on hollywood blvd.
hollwood church
my favorite thing about big cities are the cheap ass tourist shops
ripley’s believe it or not museum. it cost $20 to get in, i couldn’t believe that shit so i didn’t go in.
or not

I’m leaving for London in 3 days, which is going to be dope. Really looking forward to Jlive on the 27th. I’ll be documenting the rest of my adventures on the regular, keep up on the updates throughout our tour. I’ll try to post after every show.

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crack spiders

hey fat cee and van norsken… still waitin for that top 10 ppl to spark a fatty wit…

¬†anyway check out these doped up spiders…

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jah rastafarai

attention please: fp is officially takin over the blog!!!

check dis crazysillyfresh jamaican: (i was cryin tears when i saw dis)

we’ll be foreva lovin jah

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