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Coming from New York and staying in New York.

Who has downloaded the “Five Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn”-Mixtape and how did you like it ?

And has anyone besides me (have to admit that I get a mail each time this happens) seen that Manuva himself commented my post about his “Moonwalker”-Tape (TTT#8 ) ? So dope.

Back to business. The next tape I am going to introduce here is the Fourth part of the CitySeries, a series that Dj Castro and I once brought into life, which introduces the rap-scene of a single city to the audience and tries to capture its special musical flavour. Its parts until now are Chicago, San Francisco, L.A., New York, New York 2, the ASM vs the UK-Tape and two thirds of the German-Rap-Trilogy.

So Part four of this series was my personal dedication to the rap of the Big Apple, without the intention to capture it as a whole but rather to include those artists whose music I have always valued most, most of them from the mid till late nineties.

What was kind of unpredictable for me was, that nearly everyone who listened to this mix was immediately down with the music

– Geronimo always says that “this is the best tape you ever did” –

which brought up the well-known notion that shit is real in ’96.

But let’s move on to the facts:

The original tape was recorded on overlength-cassettes and has a running-time of nearly 100 minutes.

It is embedded into a loose concept of samples from Chackie Chan‘s “Drunken Master” and the Afro Samurai-Series, that are supposed to guide through the mix or at least to cause some laughters, and it usually features a couple of tracks of each artist/group/producer which I might as well introduce one by one to you because this is already kind of a NERD-theme, hehe.

Side A starts with Company Flow and comes from an unrealesed track to the fantastic “Krazy Kings“, to that legendary Big Juss-part

“in 1985 they injected me with props”,

and its rather unknown but nevertheless great follower which was on the B-Side of

End to End Burners” before it finishes with “The Fire in which you burn“, starring a flawless-as-ever Breezly Brewin and perhaps the best rhymes J-Treds ever dropped

“Focus from the bird’s eye, in my scenario, of dominance /
Filth eatin weaklings, we’re bumrushin like dirty communists /
Raisin, my iron curtain revealin my words the gospel /
No apples or giant serpents, the enlightened apostle /

The next part is dedicated to one of New Yorks imported legends – Frankie Ano aka Frankenstein, an overtalented rapper as well as producer who was never able to release more than a couple of 12″ and retreated kind of mysteriously in the late-nineties. His part features the very rare Remix of “The Projects“, “Sparkin Intellect” from his highly acclaimed and most known Vinyl

UV” plus another gem of his producer-carreer: coming from his legendary 96-NY-Remixalbum is his version of MobbDeep’s “Shook Ones II“.

Next up are a couple of single tracks like “Watch dees“, an early Masterpiece of DJ Spinna‘s first longplayer

featuring Brooklyn’s legend Thirstin Howl III, the Arsonists with “Underground Vandal” and its fantastic piano-sample, that Finsta Bundy used as well who are represented here with

Feel the High Pt. 2“.

Blackstarr follows and immediately starts with one of the dopest Mos Def-collaborations, “Tinseltown to Boogietown“, the project he did with the UK-Pop-Legends

Scritti Politti, the remix by the Beatnuts. Next track is “Bright as the stars“, an early Blackstarr-B-Side, which is followed by the amazing Remix Dj Honda did of his own track

Travelling Man“, which is followed by another Blackstarr-collaboration: “Know that” and finally the Remix my man Tony Tong did of “Ms Fat Booty“.

Starting with the fantastic Bill Murray-Interlude from Jim Jarmusch‘s

Coffee & Cigarettes” comes the GZA & RZA-part, which means the Genius rhymes and Bobby Digital provides the beats/did the remixes which are “Labels” and the newer track out of the

Dj Muggs-collaboration: “Smothered Mate“.


Last but not least we have Dj Premier. Jeru the Damaja comes first with “Me, not the paper“, the rare follower of his original song “Me or the paper“, that features one of the best Primo-beats I know. Next comes the remix of

Rugged neva smoove” an early hit MOP did in 1994, followed by “Live to regret“, a kind of unusual but nevertheless very dope Busta Rhymes-track from the

Set if Off“-Soundtrack out of 1996, and finally, as the end of this side, Inspectah Deck‘s part of “Above the Clouds“.


Side B starts with a scene from the first

Afro Samurai-Episode and a song from its sound-track

(Yo, if anyone knows who made the second-track that plays in this particular bar-scene, tell me please ! It isn’t on the soundtrack and I’ve been searching it desperately for months when I made this mix ..)

before it makes room for a lyrical Heavyweight one may most likely know from his 2002-collaboration together with Dangermouse. The name’s Jemini the Gifted One and he is featured with one of his earlier tracks

50 MCs in a cypher” as well as with one of those real-as-hell Freestyle who were recorded live on the street in those days.. “and when I touch the structure, yo watch the structure rupture“.

The next couple of tracks appear in no particular concept. Deda with “Markd 4 death“, a sadly unappreciated

Pete Rock-Project from his I.N.I. – days, followed by the East Flatbush Project‘s legendary

Tried by 12” with this classic freestyle-beat, followed by a couple of rather unknown but still must-listen-tracks

(yeah I know that the High & Mighty are not from NY, but when I realised that they were already in the mix and it sounded too good to remove them again ..)

before Finsta Bundy return with this incredibly dope Evil Dee-Remix of a Lady Apache-Classic

.. “if it ain’t Finsta, it must be Bundy“.

Large Professor

is the person to whom the next part is dedicated. After a really impressing sample of his producer-skills comes “The Live Guy Saga“, another one of those underrated Premo-Bombs, where he justifies his reputation as a rapper

to all those who thought I would die in the struggle /

I got the ball and I ain’t try’n to fumble“.

The X-Ecutioners provide the beat for “XL“, the next track, and the following “Extra Abstract Skillz” builds the bridge to the Mike Zoot-Part with

a wack rapper rhyming kills the whole beat“,

the line he masterly used for the hookline of “Service“. Now Mike Zoot is one of those rappers I consider to be playing in the same league as a Frankenstein or even a Nine. Not only because of their supreme abilites as musicians, or more precisely: as rappers, but also because of their sudden retreatment from the world of rap.

The difference between Mike Zoot and these other two is that were Nine has released two longplayers (I won’t count his new one) and Frankenstein had his “UV”-EP Mike Zoot had none of this. Not only did he never put out a highly-anticipated album but besides an ominous double 12″

that came out on Guesswhyld (and that contains both of the tracks I put on this tape) all other physical proofs of his rap-carreer are features and appearances on samplers (“Spread Love” on Superrappin in 2001 was his last livesign).

But okay, one can’t change these things. His second and last track is “Scene“, where he really shows why I always tell people that he is one of the rappers with the best flow I know.

After this, Jeru the Damaja once again presents himself in his best form with the Pete Rock-Remix of “Can’t Stop the Prophet“, before

Nine takes over with “Jon Doe“. The next track is a really innovative UK-NY-collaboration I dared to prefer to a classic beat like the one the original version of “Simon Says” has. Roots Manuva, Rodney P and Pharaoh Monch keep it real with the Godzilla-sample before MF Grimm follows with “Get Down“.

A third and last Pete Rock-collabo comes with I.N.I. and their classic

Fakin’ Jax” which Frankenstein equipped with a nice new beat on his Remix-album, too. The last two tracks are kind of hidden jewels, too, check them out and worship this early-90’s New York-flavour in his purest form !


Here is the tracklist in a shorter form:

Company Flow – “Unreleased”
Company Flow – “Krazy Kings”
Company Flow – “Krazy Kings Too”
Company Flow – “Krazy Kings Too” (Instrumental)
Company Flow – “The Fire in which you burn”
Frankenstein – “The Projects” (Remix)
Frankenstein – “Sparkin Intellect”
Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones Pt. II” (Frankenstein Remix)
Dj Spinna,Thirstin Howl – “Watch Dees”
Arsonists – “Underground Vandal”
Finsta Bundy – “Feel the High Pt 2”
Scritti Politti,Mos Def – “Tinseltown to Boogietown” (Beatnuts Remix)
Black Star – “Bright as the stars”
Mos Def – “Travelling Man” (Dj Honda Remix”
Mos Def,Talib Kweli – “Know that”
Mos Def – “Ms Fat Booty” (Tony Tong Remix)
Bill Murray Interlude
GZA – Labels (RZA Remix)
GZA – Smothered Mate (RZA Remix)
Jeru the Damaja – “Me, not the paper” (Dj Premier Remix)
MOP “Rugged Neva Smoove”
Busta Rhymes – “Live to Regret”
Gangstarr, Inspectah Deck – “Above the Clouds”

Rza, Rev. William Burk – “Who is tha man”
Jemini the Gifted One – “50 MCs in a cypher”
Jemini the Gifted One – “Freestyle”
Deda – “Markd 4 death”
East Flatbush Project – “Tried by 12”
Shadez of Brooklyn – “Wanted Men”
The High and Mighty – “The Meaning”
Harlem World – “Booda 1,2”
Lady Apache,Finsta Bundy – “Rock and Comeen” (Evil Dee Daytime Mix)
Large Professor – “Hidden Beat”
Large Professor – “Live Guy Saga”
Large Professor – “XL”
Large Professor – “Extra Abstract Skillz”
Mike Zoot – “Service”
Mike Zoot – “Scene”
Jeru the Damaja – “Can’t Stop the Prophet” (Pete Rock Remix Instrumental)
Jeru the Damaja – “Can’t Stop the Prophet” (Pete Rock Remix)
Nine – Jon Doe
Pharaoh Monch,Roots Manuva,RodneyP – “Simon Says” (Remix)
MF Grimm – “Get Down”
Dorothy Ashby – “Cause I Need it”
I.N.I. – “Fakin’ Jax”
I.N.I. – “Fakin’ Jax” (Frankenstein Remix)
Council – “We’re on top of thangs”
Mysterme & DJ 20-20 – “Can’t fuck with the record”



And because Lando wanted to have a copy of those back at the G&Q-Releaseparty in June ’07 and I do not know if I had one of them left (they were limited to 20 pieces – economic shortages), I attached the download-link for all of you to check it out if you want to. That much from the Tapeking .. read soon.

EDIT: Due to (popular) demand, I reuploaded the tape. The new link should enable you to download the mix from googledocs.


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