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Blow it Sax man…

Jack Black is the man…


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jason manford

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Physical Donnery

Some serious gems in here… just chill out and enjoy:
(watch em til the end)

last but not least i want to remind you not to get in the way of the ASM Squadron, else u get POWED like this girl:


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Clean logo


don’t know what its for, but really like it.

went to see arsenal yesterday, it was my first time at the emirates stadium. got hooked up with some free tickets and made my way over after work. our seats were way the fuck at the back but it was all good as we were directly on the half way mark.


i think american stadiums are much bigger (at least the ones i’ve been to) because the guy i went with was complaining but I thought it was quite a good view. the game wasn’t amazing but we won 1-0. should have scored loads more goals though.. might regret that in 2 weeks time.

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mad props to the monkey!

He knows how it goes down!

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Clever Poster


so fresh.

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Mayer Hawthorn…

mayerWho would have thought he would look so gay….and white!! Still, what an absolute DON!

Peep some ill remix sheeeeaat below: https://www.yousendit.com/download/U0d6YURPd0FTRTUzZUE9PQ

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