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Madlib Speaks!

This motherfucker hates talking. Its crazy that he let himself be interviewed, let alone on BET. I guess he’s seriously trying to expand his audience and having Kweli do the questioning must have made it easier for him.

He doesn’t even look that cracked out! Also, Shades of Blue part2? Can’t wait for that shit.


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For Old Time’s Sake

gotta big up mr.oizo and of course the levi’s marketing campaign that accompanied this dope track.

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more absurdity

How many africans does it take to fit two cows into the back of a fiat uno?

find out here

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too bad to be true

Big up dj x-es for the link, you da man.

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Remix part Three

From KRS One and the Bronx across the Hudson River, through Manhattan, to the home of the former Dodgers. Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn, dig the 95-single from Jeru, Chubb Rock and the man who is starring in this part of the Remix-series:

Omar Credles – “Born 2 Live” (Eclipse Remix)

 Those who know my second NY-Tape (at least Sativo should) may know that one. All the others, go and check that out,

timeless music .. “As a kid thinking shit like that was mad deep


Hope to give you some written post later that day when I return from university.

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in the news today…

a little insight into monsieur le president and a big fat dose of reality

note the use of ‘tribal leaders’
thank heavens we’re so enlightened that we can help the rest of the world.
everybody big it up for development studies…

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daft punk

they have a new album called “alive” that compiles their recent tour. most of my homies that are still living in the states have been to one of their recent shows. haters say that it was too intense, but then again would you expect a hater to say anything else?

Check the video, I’m not sure if the new album includes a dvd, but it might. I know this clip was compiled from over 250 cameras.

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