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Boxing Kangaroo


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Sharks are Pussies!

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this is what he does.

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Dunno if you’ve seen this already.

This is what happens when you have weed dispensers. Big up my man Jesse for the link.

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I’d just like to give a huge shout out to Chappi who unfortunately passed away recently. Definitely the safest dog ever. He had this mad calming temperament and accompanied me and Len for many a splee-af on some epic walks. RIP mate.


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Remix part Four

Girls talking about Marihuana, the resurrection of old youtube-videos, exams in one week ?!

Time to dig that incredible Remix which I happened to find by accident when searching for a rare Bahamadia-track.

3 the hard way” is the name, Dj Deckstream made that masterpiece of an instrumental.

Don’t know who he is, I heard the name for the first time with that remix. As far as I found out he is from Japan and has an album out with a lot of US-rappers on it.

Does Nearski know him ?

And is anyone interested in talking about books, haha ?!

Peace ..

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