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Brotlose Kunst

Brotlose Kunst

So basically, it has been more than two years since the last post was published. And since I am friends with most of the regular bloggers (and ASM-affiliates) on Facebook, I know more or less what everybody is up to. At least I know it on a very general level, a social media sort of privacy. But it is interesting nevertheless, for example reading about Lando playing headliner at an Electronic-Music-Festival. Or Nearski having an exibition in Japan. Or somebody naming MC ZIPLOCK as one of the five best MCs of all time.

And now guess the transition: a guy called Amadeus (whom I know from a mutual poetic friend currently residing in Lisbon) just dropped by and we had some Dosenbier (the second cheapest from the gas station, since I did not know about a cheaper sort at first and have gotten used to DOMINIKANER by the time I finally found the cheapest one) and we smoked a joint together with my red-haired female flat mate (on a side note: I am living in Karlsruhe for 14 months now in a flat together with three other people and still beat GERONIMO MC around the corner regularly on FIFA 13) and then we had another Dosenbier, before he (Amadeus) told me, that he used to download my mixtapes (one of which was coincidentally playing at that particular moment in time) from the old ASM-Blog. We proceeded with opening the six pack of BECK’S (since the Dosenbier was gone now and the gas station will not sell you alcoholic beverages after 10pm in Baden-Württemberg, which I personally see as a true hinderance to my personal progression) and I told my red-haired female flat mate (who was of course present, since she rolled the joint and it was her weed) about those good old times when the ASM-blog was still a virtual (middle class) street corner, where likeminded creative people could get together and share their contributions to life as they saw it (bring in the overly pathetic ending of a long sentence).

So I thought that this blog shall be back like a classic Schwarzenegger-catchphrase and that we ought (critical modal auxiliary-switch) to combine the experiences that we collected during the last years in order bring back to some of the old flavour that a lot of people from everywhere still carry with them. And since this is where it all began (on a virtual level or alternatively: for me, which might render great parts of this post’s message useless) I seems fair to bring back this blogspot to life. On a side note: seriously, what has happened to the ASM-mag? You had one issue of how many copies? Such a great idea with so much potential..

So basically this was the start of my contribution. The foreword. And I close with some bad ass funk shit by yours truly Mayer Hawthorne:


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