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Powwwww! Comin thru with the ruffness..

Today we spent the day schnowboarding it up pretty goshdarn hard on the slopes of Laax. Our main men Misha and Dani had the genrosity to hook us all up with free Snowboards, boots and skipasses for the day and act as our mountaineering tourguides. Mad love! First stop this morning was hitting up Danis shop for board and boot fittage.. Snowboard shops are pimpalicious these days..

After taking the gondola up

We took to the slopes in the usual ASM manner of over cofidence, abnormal flyness and general ill type steez. Check the photos – from top to bottom Green, Lando, and me rocking a huge air! Or “catching some hang time, Bangerang!” as Australian dave might say. Shame we did’t catch my 360 misty flip.. Or greens 540 tree plant! but oh well
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
We stopped off for an early afternoon snack and spliff on a patch of dryness in the sea of white..

And were then faced with the difficult decision of choosing whether to hit up the crap lift or the snowpark..

We ended the snowboarding day at the cafe above the clouds, where our man fade was able to indulge in his primary passion in life.. the Schnitzelbrötchen!!!!

Right about now were about to hit up the club for a 2-4 DJ set.. mad brits in the place for the anual snowboard championship round these parts.. should be something of a mashup.. but more of that tomorrow.

Over & Out. Mad love to the crew!

Fade & Green


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With the epic cheese fondue of the night before still playing on our minds (and stomachs) it was finally time to get “up in da klupp” and play our Flims date. The club.. “Klupp” is a dope little place in Flims thats run by the main man Austrailian Dave. Yep he’s Australian and at this point us parading around with the fake australian accents, which somehow had become the norm of the tour really didn’t seem like such a good look.. We decided so as not to come across as blatent racists we’d have to put the Aussie Surf Massive (ASM) to bed. Harder than it sounds.. trust me!

After sound checking and having an ill type curry for dinner it was all about hitting the Fussball table for some serious sessions!
After ASM took the title against DJ Pun and Itchy and the doors of the club opened we decided it was really time to take outrageous advantage of the free drinks. You’d think  that with this being close to our 60th show we’d have learned a bit of self control. But you’d be wrong. So so wrong… and the night begins.

By the time we were called to perform I think it was safe to say we were all way past the point of no return. . I’m talking serious ineabriation! So armed with Rum & Cokes we took to the stage.

Once we were conviced the party was suffiently rocked.. it was time to take the night to a very very dark place… Jagermiesters!

Needless to say the Austrailian accents came back.. (luckily australian dave is the man and was cool with it!) and.. the inner B-boy in us escaped. In a mash up style!
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So after I figured out that I really can’t breakdance.. well other than the worm! I decided it was time to get behind the turntables for a quick drunken session. . . You can tell the whole situation got me way to excited!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Luckily where we were staying that night was above the club so I figured that I would simply fall upstairs in my drunken stupor and get some sleep. I was so wrong though! With the Jagermeister still playing on our minds it was time to trek across town to another club called “Arena”…

The rest of the night becomes a bit of a drunken blur and most of it really can’t be talked about as laws were broken and we got up to some serious drunken mischief. Didn’t get enough pictures but I’ll just post two more of the night up after we left the club.

Green and DJ Pun holding it down

Me and green selling out and posing next to the most pimped out truck we could find. Not a lot of  rims in Flims!


Day 7 was filled with hangovers and not much else to report.. Lando didnt really manage to get out of bed the whole day.. FP got a flight to england for a few days to finish off some work and me and Green had a Rösti.. Food is good.. starting to think alcohol might be bad.. naww

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After waking up on the cold floor of a beautiful, yet slight tripped out wooden house at 9 in the morning, and appretiating the marvelous landscape that switzerland offers, i found myself once again in a horizontal position on the balcony with a view that this picture just cant do justice, but anyway:


this was me (notice the crazy treehouse in the background) :


after a few cheeky cigis and some non-alcoholic beverages we ventured to a little cafe for straight up schnitzelbrot and apfelschorle!!


we then set off to repack the equipment n merch, and to head off to our next destination – a few hundred meters up the alps… we arrived at a superb piece of swiss architechture, similar to the house in the previous landscape picture. unfased by it at first, we decided to let the kid inside us take control and throw some snowballs, seeing as there was plenty of it to go around! we chilled on the balcony for a while and almost got sunburnt due to the intense heat and just absolutely beautiful weather, which made the landscape even more amazing.

after various attempts to leave the stunning house, spliffs and snowballs, we did finally walk down the road – into ‘town’, a typical alpine vilage with loaded tourists, to buy sum sunnies and suntan lotion, neither of which we ended up getting. We did, however, take the time for a nice swiss beer in a stylish pub:


the evening was as mellow as the rest of the day had been, topped off with an excellent cheese fondue and white vino, during which green started tripping for some reason.. it may have been the wine, or the sun and the high altitude, or perhaps the cherry liquer which he dipped slice after slice of bread in to – before cheesing it up, but something certainly made him feel fantastic:


a few more glasses and some general exhaustedness from the monster-fondue put an end to the night… and hints that this is the calm before the big storm thats about to hit FLIMS!

ya man FP!

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After a roadside breakfast of Swiss style Ham & Eggs, we set off for another day of adventures in the beautiful alps. We cruised through magnificent mountainscapes and tripped out tiny villages for a few hours, before the road suddenly ended in a snow covered mountain. madness. After some inital confusion we figured out that we had to drive the car onto an intensely oldschool rusty little Berg-train through the mountain. The ride was seriously intense. Felt like a Disneyland gold-mine ghost house ride.. Luckily the guys in front of us had a canoe, ey?


We eventually arrived at the Krempel in Buchs, which was a surprisingly dope venue for a seemingly pretty small town. After soundcheck we met the Beats On Tap promoters Micha, Pun, and Dani for the first time. Infinite love due to them for taking us in and rocking some snowboarding with us next week. Krempel had a dope little backstage area where we kicked it for a few hours before the show. F to the P finally came through after having written 7000 words for uni and spending the day flying and cruising around the continent to get here.. Pimpsuits were dawned.



Mad props to chiefhustler Dani!! Spot thePlatypus Funk poster in the background..


ASM in the place.. Its the new!!!!




Show was mad fun, although it took the crowd a few tracks to really get into it.. Made a lot of new friends, hustled a lot of CDs, and general wilding out was in order as usual. Mad love to Buchs crew!!


Our homies Itchy and Pun tore shit up on the 1s n 2s all night and got involved with the ASMadness. Mad propage!!


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Sorry it took us a while to get this up. Internet availability has been somewhat limited up here in the Alps, much to the dispair of Mr. Fade.. Hes been spending a lot of time waving his laptop around trying to catch a network. Anyhoo, we woke up mad early in Paris and had an epic 8 hour journey ahead of us to get to the Caprices Festival in Crans-Montana.


..Switzerland is too ill! Amazing air and breathtaking views all day. On the ride there, we suddenly found ourselves speaking in Austrailian accents for prolonged persiods of time, to the point where its become pretty uncontrolable. Im actually writing this on day 5, and theres still not sign of it starting to wear off. Alright, ey? Faantestic.

Big up to the promoters from Fun & Floor who held us down in a huge way. Dope chalet, good vibes, an insanely pimped out festival, and free Lacoste T-shirts. Blingalicious.



Miss Yarah Bravo and Vadim were in the place once again, generally holding it down in a b-boy style. Kathrin and Bongo Pet were with them as well, ey?


Mad love to the whole Vadster family..


Max Romeo chased a good few devils original Nyabinghi style.. Infinite respect to the master


Fade and Lando held it down at the Articafe Bar for a solid 4 hours rinsing out funksoultastic madness. In the process we all progressively got somewhat ridiculously iniebriated, generally wiled out all over the place, and miraculously managed to find our way home to the Chalet at 3 in the morning.. ASM alpine messiness in effect


Shit got a little out of hand towards the end.. Me and Fade ended up accidentaly switching personalities. Not pretty..


I love Switzerland!! Mad mad love to all crew all over the world.. alright, ey?

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Good Morning. Has anyone except myself downloaded the DJ Adlib-Tape yet ?

Come on boys and girls, don’t let me play the role of a solo entertainer, give me some feedback or at least an affirmation like “Got it” or “Download’s running“. Because the only thing worse than bad feedback is no feedback at all. Thanks for the attention !

And now with no further ado, back to our weekly series:

Let’s leave Manuva and the streets of Vienna and move westwards through Austria and straight to the Landeshauptstadt of Bavaria.

To Munich, where, after a brief guest appearance on a city sampler the year before, a crew called Blumentopf brings out their first record called “Abhängen” in 1996 – the year in which so many of HipHop’s masterpieces were made.

What few know, but what I’m about to tell you right now, is that this three track Maxi was originally a Demo-CD, recorded only 15 times, which was called “Topfhits”.

In later days, Sepalot, the crews Producer and DJ, will use –

or wait, let me switch the tense

– Sepalot, whose new record in 2008 features Frank ‘N Dank, used the name of his crews old Demo-CD and started a series of Mixtapes.

In 2006, more precise on the 6th of October, Blumentopf started the tour to their new Album “Musikmaschine” in Heidelberg. The venue was totally packed and while all my friends headed to the merchandise-desk to buy the new CD and the new shirts, I went there to buy the long awaited, and highly anticipated, 6th part of his tapeseries:

Whow !

This time the cover does not convince because of its photo, but because of its composition of white and black, its simplicity, the graphical perfection with which they combined the tape’s and the DJ’s name.

On Hip Hop Vinyl, where the tape and its counterpart on CD can still be bought, they describe the genre as

Hip Hop + Soul / Funk / Jazz + Headz / Electronica“.

And if you have already checked out Sepalots Myspace-tracks, which I strongly recommend you to not just because for the sake of understanding this description but because it’s really innovative and good music, you should be able to tell that this is not an exaggeration to create a larger market area and boost the record-sales but a matter of fact.

He really included all this types of music in a 90-minute-mix – and he did it very good. So good that if there would be an award for the Mixtape with the best balanced and conducted musical varieties, it would doubtlessly go to this cassette !

I don’t want to get into details right here, for I will give you a tracklist and you can furthermore listen to each of the tracks on the shop-link I posted above, but I wanted to point out the few exclusive tracks he did for that tape:

Besides the fantastic Intro of the B-side, there is the electro-hymn together with Fab (unknown to me, but sounding dope) and the very weird, but nevertheless entertaining, track together with Luut & Tüütli, a crew from Switzerland who rap in that country’s very own dialect.

Here goes the tracklist:

1 – intro
2 – sa-ra / fish fillet feat. pharoahe monch
3 – owusu & hannibal / delirium
4 – up hygh / love dat
5 – p-funk all stars / hydraulic pump
6 – saukrates / saukrates season
7 – freddie cruger / something good
8 – promoe – oh no / stomp that
9 – krs 1 – oh no – ricki rucker / boogie down ox
10 – hearin`aid / higher
11 – slum village / climax RMX
12 – marvin vs wjk (waajeed) / musiq
13 – dudley perkins / funky dudlley
14 – yam who? / get up off
15 – choclair / rubbin’
16 – aloe blacc / evildoers
17 – j dilla / e=mc2 feat. common

18 – sepalot / the measured amount of chaos
19 – detroit experiment / highest
20 – j dilla / so far to go feat. common & d’angelo
21 – little brother / say it again
22 – steve spacek / simply so
23 – annetta jackson / meditation
24 – mpho skeef / don’t like you
25 – red astaire / feel th horns blow
26 – sepalot / whats next to the moon feat. Fab
27 – coup / my favorite mutiny
28 – mouse on mars / wipe that sound
29 – slum village / 1, 2
30 – the meters / cardova
31 – busta rhymes / you can’t hold the torch feat. q-tip
32 – chock rock / happy man
33 – luut & tüütli / wenis gseh prod. Sepalot
34 – rolling stones – alkaholiks / rain fall flute song
35 – the early man / scene

Enough for today. Read soon ..

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No Sub? No Point!!


Check out this mix people:


Digital dub and Dubstep!!! Not for the light hearted or shitty laptop speakers!!

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