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On this rainy Tuesday morning, the Tapeking thinks it is more than appropriate to share his enthusiasm with you. I was very surprised and even more delighted when I discovered yesterday that the PUTS release their fifth studio-album on September 30th – today!

I do not think it is necessary to waste any more words on this great Rap-Duo, check their website which they redesigned into some old school tribute and also be sure to download


I hope that they will finally succeed in making a video now, until then the youtube-collection on the website needs to be sufficient. That Thes One-video where he is playing in that game show is too dope, haha. Peace..


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So Digable

Yo FP, you heard of these cats? I wanted to book them in December and while they are one of my favourite groups their agent was asking for 4k. I said “no, thank you”. Maybe I made a big mistake.. haha..

I had such a good weekend. New Bo pretty much killed it (almost 700 through the door) and had an amazing Saturday in Brighton. Sunniest day of the British Summer. No pics yet, but I might pop a couple on later.

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New Print, etc.

yo yall,

i just bought this print

and although my order was confirmed, i see now that they are re-stocking the item.. does that mean i’ll get it? its happened to me before that they confirm my order but send me an email a week later saying that although the item was in stock when i made my order, its no longer available.

my birfday is in about 24 hours.. turn 24 on the 24th.. deep shiat.

going to try and celebrate it with as many people as possible this friday at new bohemia. the last two events have been quite low numbers wise and it would be good to crack the 700-punter figure again. cross dem fingers dem.

too bad the whole crew can’t be in the place – i’m sure we’ll celebrate in a big way next time we’re all in the same place at the same time.

ps – nice short story post tapeking, although i didn’t really rate that particular story very highly. i’ll send you a book or two, give me your current address and i’ll hook you up.

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drum and bass will never be the same.

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This is Nearski on Greens Computer paying homage to such donnage. You gotta take 5 mins out of your day to pay respect to this.

Supercat with Reggie Stepper – Junglist

Cutty Ranks 1986

So much more out there so get pon de research …

Let me know who’s feelin!!

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his running mate is apparently going to break the ‘highest, hardest glass ceiling in america’ for us. all this so that she can reverse roe v. wade and remove sex education from the public education curriculum.

this is so farcical, it would make a really good HBO show.

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