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Whatup yalls!!!

First of all.. HAPPY FANTASTIC PLANET DAY!!! The album officially hits stores today. Infinite love to Mr Mattic aka Tasty Mc D… the incredibly talented FantAstrid… and the Fine Equipe!! (Chomsk’, Oogo, Blanka, and Giboooo) Cop that!!

On that note.. heres a few more pics from the Fantatic Planet release party:

ASM are kicking it in Neuchatel today on an off day.. Were being hosted by the amazing Stab (Berry Weight) and his girlfriend Lucy. The crib is overlooking lake Neuchatel, with the swiss alps towering in the distance. These two are certified champions!! Lucy cooked an amazing dinner for us on arrival.. rabbit loin in cream sauce say powpow.. tonight was courtesy of ya boy Green.. Stew chickaaan, fried plantains, sweet potato chip type tings..

Heres the homie Stab’s crib.. featuring some magician cuts from the man himself:

To close, in case anyone forgot how ASM roll.. heres two stage photos.. seperate nights in different corners of Europe, but the crucial similarity of the mic in one hand, rum n coke in the other stance.. champion sound!!


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ASM Tour Blog Part 3

Alrighty Crew, it’s been a couple of gigs now, and I’m pleased to let u know that we brought the fire insanely hard!! It all started in Nancy, where Green and I met Fade, Mac-Hi and Pow-Lo to scorch the stage for the first Wax Tailor warm up round…. little did the crowd know what kind of funkaholics they we’re dealing with… here’s us pre-show alcoholizing:

6ix toys bringin the heat:

Likely the most fun ASM show, unless u include the next 2 days at Saint-Etienne and Avignon…. not only was the south a few degrees warmer, but also sunny, mellow and the crowds errupted like neither of us had ever seen until then… especially Avignon. Here are a couple of pictures to express the extreme mood shift in the venue.
At First: Sound check.. the calm before the storm. Much love to the whole Wax Tailor Crew at this point… JC, Mattic, Giboooooo, Mattheu, Ludivine, Behrenger, David, Max, Julien, Cristelle, and Charlotte:

And Now get ready to taste the aftermath: We once again killed the 1500 capicity (sold out) venue for the opening ASM set.. unfortunately without the horns that night, nevertheless epically huge!! then Green and I jumped out for 3 more tracks at the end of Wax’s set (Guaranteed, Say Yes, and Positively Inclined) and destroyed what was left of the ridiculously amped crowd… check what happened at the very end of the Wax Tailor set:

Shitt was wild!!! So wild that we had to sign all kinds of merchandise/meat after the show… dig it:

we definitely needed some wholesome food every once in a while.. this is us at Buffalo grill in Bourg les Valence, the final Wax Tailor show of the 4:

we also swung by a place called Big Burger, which ironically had tiny ass burgers, however a seletion of 15 different sauces, which was kidna dope…. this was just outside of it:

After 4 epic days in a row of playing both ASM and Wax Tailor sets, and constant stacking of hangovers upon one another and not having time to relax for even a couple of hours, we finally got a break and decided to cruise to Neuchatel to visit our homies Stab from Berry Weight and his girl Lucy. Green will hit u with the specifics of this swiss endeavour soon…. i’ll leave u with a little bag of deliciousness:


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ASM Tour Blog Part 2

Yo yo, this is Pow-Lo writing from ASM HQ in Frankfurt after a couple of German shows this weekend before we head to France this week.

In usual ASM style we’ve been keeping it rockin’ and hitting the after party hard. Here’s some pictures from the last week:

FP and Green-T performing at the Fantastic Planet release party in Paris last weekend. Big thanks to the whole crew for a great couple of days. Looking forward to being back there soon!

Here’s myself getting involved with a bit of wood chopping! What else would you do on a day off?!?

We also hit up the local Korean BBQ for some amazing food!

Fade sound checking in Hachenberg. We all ended up drunkenly freestyling in the dressing room and we also encountered am amazing amount of snow. FP managed to nail me in the eye with a snowball! I’m still plotting revenge so he’s gotta watch his back! We also picked up the new ASM tees which are looking very tasty indeed.

We stayed in a 300 year old Bed & Breakfast and got hooked up with an amazing breakfast

Up until Wednesday we had nothing planned for Saturday. But a random message to a promoter I’d emailed a few times soon resulted in an epic day! Big thanks to the legend Holger Menzel who managed to find a place for us to play, DJ and generally party in Frankfurt. Easily the smallest gig of the tour but could possibly be one of the best! The set ended with me and Mack-Hi having our usual horn battle! We took it to new levels on this show though!!! We also did two shows on Radio X helping promote the upcoming album.

And that leads me to where I am now. Sat still trying to get over my hangover at 23:48 on a Sunday. We’re gonna add some finishing touches to the set tomorrow and then we head to Nancy for our first show supporting Wax Tailor.

Peace Out

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To do the Romes-Mania on this blog further justice, here is a rare TV commercial he did together with Wildchild and Madlib for the local Toyota dealer in Oxnard:

Proper approach to the main stream I would say!

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Check me out rocking hard with the mouse outfit!


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ASM Tour Blog Part 1

Yes Yes YES!!!! back and in full effect would be the main theme of the following presentation, sportsfriends.

Glad to see that the tape king is still with us on our cyber voyage.. much Love for that first of all.

The unofficial ‘retox tour’ has begun, and it feels good to be in that state of mind again… ASM cru for life!! It all started when Green and I cruised down to Zurich to pick up the Fadester at the airport on thursday to head to our first date @ Krempel in Buchs, Switzerland. Unfortunately the horns couldnt join us for this one yet, but dont doubt that we didnt bring the heat in the form of a wave for several hours, including murderous temperatures pon di decks from my boy Fade and an unexpected appearance of the villain in the form of a Green Accordion!! Say Clack, Clack!!! Also, infinite love has to go out to Mischa aka Itchy who not only dropped heavy tunes in between various ASM sounds but also kept shit Buckshakalang!!! We passed out eventually in our beloved wooden mansion, which luckily had a ’emergency-kit’ hanging in the kitchen:

Friday started off fairly mellow, but became gradually more exciting as we not only picked up the freshest horn section this side of the mississip, but also ventured up the mountain to Laax to play a show after we knocked back a couple of brews over a pan of rösti á la Flims… needless to say, the crew was amped beyond distortion!!!!!

The show was Buck!! Freshly introduced loop-pedals for the 2toys, a slightly elevated stage for fades production table, and a sound boy that cant spell mofuckin sound boy! We killed it nevertheless, and knowing we had to get up early to have a 10hour drive to Paris the next day, kept the party going til the sun came up… well, at least most of us. Some might say it was unwise to stay up this late, but wait til u check the new introduction clips for follow-up ‘cooking with Green – der hip hop koch’ shows:

UND JETZT GEHTS LOS!! the drive was just as it sounded… loooooooooong! topped by a major disoriented attempt at finding the club in paris, we had a nerve-racking day, but generally kept it together in a big way… props to green and fade for getting us there safe from sunup til sundown!!! We were definitely pumped to see the entire Fantastic Planet crew again though and powered through… some might say ‘over-powered through’. Held it down with the man Molecular Mattic, who brought serious heat on the mic, complimented by a backline of ill producers (Chomsk’, Blanka, Oogo), an incredibly gifted vocalizah (Fantastrid), and a sound man that would make that previous sound guy i mentioned look like Bullschlachen!!!!! (Giboooooo) Check this clip from the FANTASTIC PLANET release party (sorry it’s not nicely embedded and just a link, but thank facebook):

I highly recommend they’re album to anyone and everyone… seriously some of the illest shit i’ve EVER heard!!!! That’s why we had to use our post-show day to hit up Gib’s brand new studio, appropriately named “1, 2, Pass it!” The first ever track in his studio was ‘Dedicated’ produced by Fade n lyrically destroyed by ur boys Green n F. Also got on sum Fantastic Planet beats of course. Momentus and historical event, sportsfriends. We’ll upload that and any other collaborative ventures we jump on while on tour as soon as they’re mixed. Meanwhile the toys tried to go to Disneyland, but got denied and were forced to write angry raps over waitresses’ booties…. Classic Mac-Hi and Pow-Lo! Here they are at what they do best, for all who havent met them:

We returned to Green’s place last night after an epic first weekend on tour and started today off by running the administrative ASM tings in a huge way… i’m talking ‘to-do’ lists, task distribution, and affirmative task execution, with occasional curveballs and sound boy murderins!!! One of us platipi will hit u soon with the update after the next show…. stay tuned and dig the brand new album trailer again:

THE AGE OF THE PLATYPUS IS NIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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