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Coming from New York and staying in New York.

Who has downloaded the “Five Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn”-Mixtape and how did you like it ?

And has anyone besides me (have to admit that I get a mail each time this happens) seen that Manuva himself commented my post about his “Moonwalker”-Tape (TTT#8 ) ? So dope.

Back to business. The next tape I am going to introduce here is the Fourth part of the CitySeries, a series that Dj Castro and I once brought into life, which introduces the rap-scene of a single city to the audience and tries to capture its special musical flavour. Its parts until now are Chicago, San Francisco, L.A., New York, New York 2, the ASM vs the UK-Tape and two thirds of the German-Rap-Trilogy.

So Part four of this series was my personal dedication to the rap of the Big Apple, without the intention to capture it as a whole but rather to include those artists whose music I have always valued most, most of them from the mid till late nineties.

What was kind of unpredictable for me was, that nearly everyone who listened to this mix was immediately down with the music

– Geronimo always says that “this is the best tape you ever did” –

which brought up the well-known notion that shit is real in ’96.

But let’s move on to the facts:

The original tape was recorded on overlength-cassettes and has a running-time of nearly 100 minutes.

It is embedded into a loose concept of samples from Chackie Chan‘s “Drunken Master” and the Afro Samurai-Series, that are supposed to guide through the mix or at least to cause some laughters, and it usually features a couple of tracks of each artist/group/producer which I might as well introduce one by one to you because this is already kind of a NERD-theme, hehe.

Side A starts with Company Flow and comes from an unrealesed track to the fantastic “Krazy Kings“, to that legendary Big Juss-part

“in 1985 they injected me with props”,

and its rather unknown but nevertheless great follower which was on the B-Side of

End to End Burners” before it finishes with “The Fire in which you burn“, starring a flawless-as-ever Breezly Brewin and perhaps the best rhymes J-Treds ever dropped

“Focus from the bird’s eye, in my scenario, of dominance /
Filth eatin weaklings, we’re bumrushin like dirty communists /
Raisin, my iron curtain revealin my words the gospel /
No apples or giant serpents, the enlightened apostle /

The next part is dedicated to one of New Yorks imported legends – Frankie Ano aka Frankenstein, an overtalented rapper as well as producer who was never able to release more than a couple of 12″ and retreated kind of mysteriously in the late-nineties. His part features the very rare Remix of “The Projects“, “Sparkin Intellect” from his highly acclaimed and most known Vinyl

UV” plus another gem of his producer-carreer: coming from his legendary 96-NY-Remixalbum is his version of MobbDeep’s “Shook Ones II“.

Next up are a couple of single tracks like “Watch dees“, an early Masterpiece of DJ Spinna‘s first longplayer

featuring Brooklyn’s legend Thirstin Howl III, the Arsonists with “Underground Vandal” and its fantastic piano-sample, that Finsta Bundy used as well who are represented here with

Feel the High Pt. 2“.

Blackstarr follows and immediately starts with one of the dopest Mos Def-collaborations, “Tinseltown to Boogietown“, the project he did with the UK-Pop-Legends

Scritti Politti, the remix by the Beatnuts. Next track is “Bright as the stars“, an early Blackstarr-B-Side, which is followed by the amazing Remix Dj Honda did of his own track

Travelling Man“, which is followed by another Blackstarr-collaboration: “Know that” and finally the Remix my man Tony Tong did of “Ms Fat Booty“.

Starting with the fantastic Bill Murray-Interlude from Jim Jarmusch‘s

Coffee & Cigarettes” comes the GZA & RZA-part, which means the Genius rhymes and Bobby Digital provides the beats/did the remixes which are “Labels” and the newer track out of the

Dj Muggs-collaboration: “Smothered Mate“.


Last but not least we have Dj Premier. Jeru the Damaja comes first with “Me, not the paper“, the rare follower of his original song “Me or the paper“, that features one of the best Primo-beats I know. Next comes the remix of

Rugged neva smoove” an early hit MOP did in 1994, followed by “Live to regret“, a kind of unusual but nevertheless very dope Busta Rhymes-track from the

Set if Off“-Soundtrack out of 1996, and finally, as the end of this side, Inspectah Deck‘s part of “Above the Clouds“.


Side B starts with a scene from the first

Afro Samurai-Episode and a song from its sound-track

(Yo, if anyone knows who made the second-track that plays in this particular bar-scene, tell me please ! It isn’t on the soundtrack and I’ve been searching it desperately for months when I made this mix ..)

before it makes room for a lyrical Heavyweight one may most likely know from his 2002-collaboration together with Dangermouse. The name’s Jemini the Gifted One and he is featured with one of his earlier tracks

50 MCs in a cypher” as well as with one of those real-as-hell Freestyle who were recorded live on the street in those days.. “and when I touch the structure, yo watch the structure rupture“.

The next couple of tracks appear in no particular concept. Deda with “Markd 4 death“, a sadly unappreciated

Pete Rock-Project from his I.N.I. – days, followed by the East Flatbush Project‘s legendary

Tried by 12” with this classic freestyle-beat, followed by a couple of rather unknown but still must-listen-tracks

(yeah I know that the High & Mighty are not from NY, but when I realised that they were already in the mix and it sounded too good to remove them again ..)

before Finsta Bundy return with this incredibly dope Evil Dee-Remix of a Lady Apache-Classic

.. “if it ain’t Finsta, it must be Bundy“.

Large Professor

is the person to whom the next part is dedicated. After a really impressing sample of his producer-skills comes “The Live Guy Saga“, another one of those underrated Premo-Bombs, where he justifies his reputation as a rapper

to all those who thought I would die in the struggle /

I got the ball and I ain’t try’n to fumble“.

The X-Ecutioners provide the beat for “XL“, the next track, and the following “Extra Abstract Skillz” builds the bridge to the Mike Zoot-Part with

a wack rapper rhyming kills the whole beat“,

the line he masterly used for the hookline of “Service“. Now Mike Zoot is one of those rappers I consider to be playing in the same league as a Frankenstein or even a Nine. Not only because of their supreme abilites as musicians, or more precisely: as rappers, but also because of their sudden retreatment from the world of rap.

The difference between Mike Zoot and these other two is that were Nine has released two longplayers (I won’t count his new one) and Frankenstein had his “UV”-EP Mike Zoot had none of this. Not only did he never put out a highly-anticipated album but besides an ominous double 12″

that came out on Guesswhyld (and that contains both of the tracks I put on this tape) all other physical proofs of his rap-carreer are features and appearances on samplers (“Spread Love” on Superrappin in 2001 was his last livesign).

But okay, one can’t change these things. His second and last track is “Scene“, where he really shows why I always tell people that he is one of the rappers with the best flow I know.

After this, Jeru the Damaja once again presents himself in his best form with the Pete Rock-Remix of “Can’t Stop the Prophet“, before

Nine takes over with “Jon Doe“. The next track is a really innovative UK-NY-collaboration I dared to prefer to a classic beat like the one the original version of “Simon Says” has. Roots Manuva, Rodney P and Pharaoh Monch keep it real with the Godzilla-sample before MF Grimm follows with “Get Down“.

A third and last Pete Rock-collabo comes with I.N.I. and their classic

Fakin’ Jax” which Frankenstein equipped with a nice new beat on his Remix-album, too. The last two tracks are kind of hidden jewels, too, check them out and worship this early-90’s New York-flavour in his purest form !


Here is the tracklist in a shorter form:

Company Flow – “Unreleased”
Company Flow – “Krazy Kings”
Company Flow – “Krazy Kings Too”
Company Flow – “Krazy Kings Too” (Instrumental)
Company Flow – “The Fire in which you burn”
Frankenstein – “The Projects” (Remix)
Frankenstein – “Sparkin Intellect”
Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones Pt. II” (Frankenstein Remix)
Dj Spinna,Thirstin Howl – “Watch Dees”
Arsonists – “Underground Vandal”
Finsta Bundy – “Feel the High Pt 2”
Scritti Politti,Mos Def – “Tinseltown to Boogietown” (Beatnuts Remix)
Black Star – “Bright as the stars”
Mos Def – “Travelling Man” (Dj Honda Remix”
Mos Def,Talib Kweli – “Know that”
Mos Def – “Ms Fat Booty” (Tony Tong Remix)
Bill Murray Interlude
GZA – Labels (RZA Remix)
GZA – Smothered Mate (RZA Remix)
Jeru the Damaja – “Me, not the paper” (Dj Premier Remix)
MOP “Rugged Neva Smoove”
Busta Rhymes – “Live to Regret”
Gangstarr, Inspectah Deck – “Above the Clouds”

Rza, Rev. William Burk – “Who is tha man”
Jemini the Gifted One – “50 MCs in a cypher”
Jemini the Gifted One – “Freestyle”
Deda – “Markd 4 death”
East Flatbush Project – “Tried by 12”
Shadez of Brooklyn – “Wanted Men”
The High and Mighty – “The Meaning”
Harlem World – “Booda 1,2”
Lady Apache,Finsta Bundy – “Rock and Comeen” (Evil Dee Daytime Mix)
Large Professor – “Hidden Beat”
Large Professor – “Live Guy Saga”
Large Professor – “XL”
Large Professor – “Extra Abstract Skillz”
Mike Zoot – “Service”
Mike Zoot – “Scene”
Jeru the Damaja – “Can’t Stop the Prophet” (Pete Rock Remix Instrumental)
Jeru the Damaja – “Can’t Stop the Prophet” (Pete Rock Remix)
Nine – Jon Doe
Pharaoh Monch,Roots Manuva,RodneyP – “Simon Says” (Remix)
MF Grimm – “Get Down”
Dorothy Ashby – “Cause I Need it”
I.N.I. – “Fakin’ Jax”
I.N.I. – “Fakin’ Jax” (Frankenstein Remix)
Council – “We’re on top of thangs”
Mysterme & DJ 20-20 – “Can’t fuck with the record”



And because Lando wanted to have a copy of those back at the G&Q-Releaseparty in June ’07 and I do not know if I had one of them left (they were limited to 20 pieces – economic shortages), I attached the download-link for all of you to check it out if you want to. That much from the Tapeking .. read soon.

EDIT: Due to (popular) demand, I reuploaded the tape. The new link should enable you to download the mix from googledocs.


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Rapture! I first couldn’t believe my eyes when my man Timo stopped at my crib on his semiyearly visit from his arboristic studies in Northern Germany to show me some new classic music he was able to lay his hands on in the past months and I saw it laying there amidst dozens of milestones of the German and mid-90’s-New-York-rapscene: the mp3-files of Dj Sepalot’s legendary third Topfhits-mixtape.

In case you remember, I already introduced him

sepalotto you in the context of my # 7-post. But while you had to buy the mix back then in order to listen to it, you can now download its predecessor for free.

The mix itself is from late 1999 and reminds me a lot of good old Dj Adlib. The same good hand in choosing the right combination of tracks, nice little Sample-interludes and now and then some decent use of the turntable. And we should not forget the rare and partly exclusive tracks from the Blumentopf-posse and Rasputin that are on it, too.

The following might also speak for the quality of this tape: My girl, who neither has a walkman nor the habit of listening to cassettes, happens to own this as well as the three subsequent volumes of the Topfhits and even after nearly three years of steady persuasion, she does not want to give them to me to add them to my collection – not even as a loan.

But enough of the smalltalk, check out the facts:

  • a01_intro
  • a02_rasco – peanut butter wolf
  • a03_sound providers
  • a04_scritti politti (remix)
  • a05_fanat
  • a06_screwball
  • a07_dynamic syncopation
  • a08_zora – cora E
  • a09_fevea
  • a10_lipi siffre
  • a11_blumentopf (2:2)
  • a12_beatnuts
  • b01_schu (wenn mein mic an ist…)
  • b02_planet asia
  • b03_brainsick mop
  • b04_planet asia & 427
  • b05_sound providers
  • b06_beatnuts
  • b07_tyrone davis
  • b08_total chaos
  • b09_phife dawg
  • b10_masta ace
  • b11_j-live
  • b12_ozomatli
  • b13_7heads & the unspoken heard
  • b14_rasputin – holunder

Unfortunately I don’t have the means to scan in the cover at the moment, but check out the DOWNLOAD anyway.

I hope you will like it. Peace..

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Welcome back to the final chapter. The first place of the Top Ten Tapes will be dedicated to three different Djs in three different posts, so you better readjust your epicness-scale and cancel any appointments in the nearer future. And now, sit back and enjoy the show!

The first Dj to whom the first place is dedicated is Dj Olleck from Hannover. He is what you could call an institution in the German Mixtape business, not only because he started making them very early (around 1997), but also because he kept doing so for over a decade and, as far as I know, is still doing his thing.

Olleck is also one of the five Djs (together with Diplomat, Crates, BK and Ikom) that constitute the cassette-label


saying of themselves to be “the last Mixtape Label in tradition of Tape Kingz & Co” and being one of the handful of names that can still be relied on to bring you even in 2008 a new tape from time to time.

One of their most remarkable releases, and also one of the latest, was a five-dj-tape in tradition of “The Five Deadly Venoms” called


You can still order it, and many other L-Bow-Tapes, at Hip Hop Vinyl. So if you feel like giving some support after having digested this post, then you hopefully know now where to do so.

But back to Dj Olleck. My first contact with him and the whole L-Bow-thing happened when I bought the first tape of his Better Day Series more or less by coincidence. Those were the times when I was still doing my apprenticeship and drove to work every day with my little run-down Mazda 121, the same one mentioned in the 5 Deadly Venoms-post. Lacking a decent stereo-system but having been blessed by one of its couple of former owners with a cassette-deck I used to keep it real on a daily basis by pumping all kind of oldschool-rap over a single makeshift bass-speaker that was lying in the foot-space of my shotgun-seat during rush-hour. So yeah, having been a fan of the classic Mastertape-releases of PF Cuttin, Evil Dee and all those other guys, I was really surprised but also delighted to find the same kind of music on a German-Dj-tape. Over the weeks I became what you could call a fan of Dj Olleck and his mix-tapes and I soon bought the other two parts of his Better Day-series, too.

As the title already implies, the focus of these tapes lies on the rapmusic of the late 80’s and early 90’s. What I always liked best was the good selection of artists and tracks, even if I try, I would not be able to list the countless number of artists and songs with whom I became aquainted with while listening to those tapes, as well as the thorough and meticulous job Olleck did with mixing them. One can find numerous details and well-conveyed ideas during every mix, for example I was never aware that Jeru the Damaja took the sample in the hookline of “Come clean” from “Throw ya Gunz” by Onyx until I heard Olleck do a transition by using that particular line. But now without further ado, I would like to present you the Better Days tapes:

Better Days 1 – A-side:

Spek Intro

Paris Guerillas in the Mist (1992)

Public Enemy Welcome to the Terrordome (1990)

Ice Cube Wicked (1992)

AMG Bitch betta have my money (1991)

House of Pain Shamrocks and Shenanigans (1982)

Public Enemy Fight the Power (1989)

Tim Dog Fuck Compton (1991)

Cypress Hill Now I could just kill a man (1991)

Redman Time 4 some aksion (1992)

Lords of the Underground Funky Child (1993)

MOP How about some Hardcore (1993)

Das Efx Klap ya Handz (1992)

Snoop Doggy Dog Gz and Hustlaz (1993)

Notorious BIG Something Big (1995)

Nas Represent (1994)

Paris The days of Old (1992)

Nine, Smooth tha Hustler Make or Take (1996)

Alkaholiks, Diamond D The next Level (1995)

Showbiz & AG Next Level (1994)

Gangstarr The Remainz (1994)

Group Home Up against the Wall (1995)

Funkdoobiest Rock on (1995)

Better Days 1 – B-side:

Burns Bros. L.A.T.E.R. (exklusiv Track prod. by Spek

Onyx Throw ya gunz (1992)

Jeru the Damaja Come Clean (1993)

Kool G Rap Fast Life (1995)

Krs One Rappas r.n. Dainja (1995)

Keith Murray The most beautiful thing in… (1994)

Public Enemy Shut em Down (1991)

Masta Ace Born to Roll (1994)

Pharcyde Runnin (1995)

Eazy E We want Eazy (1988)

Nice and Smooth More and more hits (1989)

Doug E Fresh & The g.f.C. Keep risin’ to the top (1988)

De La Soul, Jungle Brothers,.. Buddy (1989)

De La Soul Ring Ring Ring (1991)

Pete Rock & CL Smooth T.R.O.Y. (1992)

Lords of the Underground Chief Rocka (1993)

Stetsasonic Talkin’ all that Jazz (1988)

EPMD So wat cha sayin’ (1989)

Eric B and Rakim I know you got soul (1987)

NWA Straight out of Compton (1988)

Ice Cube Jackin’ for beats (1990)

Digital Underground Humpty Dance (1992)

Naughty by Nature Hip Hop Hooray (1993)

Naughty by Nature OPP (1991)

Beatnuts Off the books (1996)

Guru Freestyle (1996)

Better Days 2 – A-side:

The Golden Age Intro

Ice-T I’m your pusher (1988)

NWA 100 miles an running (1990)

House of Pain Jump (1991)

Cypress Hill i ain’t going out like that (1992)

EPMD Crossover (1992)

Naughty by Nature Ghetto bastard (1991)

Arrested Development Tennessee (1992)

Big Daddy Kane Ain’t no halfsteppin (1988)

Eazy E Only if you wanted (1992)

Das Efx Check it out (1993)

Erick Sermon Hittin’ Switches (1993)

Gangstarr Mass Appeal (1994)

A.D.O.R. One for the trouble (2003 Olleck Blend)

Heather B All glocks down (1995)

Mobb Deep Shook Ones Pt.1 (1994)

Channel Live, KRS One Madizm (1994)

Group Home Livin’ Proof (1995)

D&D Allstars 1,2,3 Pass it (1995)

Onyx Last Days (1995)

Junior Mafia Players Anthem (1995)

Better Days 2 – B-side:

God bless the Uninted Stage (Fuck George) Intro

EPMD Headbanger (1992)

Gangstarr DWYCK (2003 Olleck Blend)

Das Efx Real Hip Hop (1995)

Artifacts The Ultimate (1997)

Blahzay Blahzay Danger (1996)

Rakim New York (ya out there) (1997)

Paula Perry Extra Extra (1998)

Redman & Method Man How high (1995)

Nonchalant 5o’ clock (1996)

Paris Mellow Madness (1989)

Method Man, Mary J Blige I’ll be there for you (1995)

Tribe called Quest Stressed out (1997)

Notorious BIG One more Chance (1995)

Big L M.V.P. (Lord Finesse Rmx) (1994)

Mad Skillz All in it (1996)

Jeru the Damaja Me or the Papes (1996)

Smooth tha Hustler Broken Language (1996)

Camp Lo Luccini (1996)

Ice Cube It was a good day (1992)

Better Days 3 – A-side (hard)

Better Days 3 – B-side (smooth)

Big ups to Dj Olleck, for having done this tapes and for contributing the downloadlinks on his Blog.

That much for now, but be sure not to miss the other two #1-posts coming up and to leave some feedback – here or at Olleck’s blog. Peace..

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Never say never, the Top Ten Tape-Series is back. Proud of having his own category (and very grateful to Sativo for that), the Tapeking wants to share his newest creation with you. As you already know, the Deutschraptape is Part 6 of the already classic City Series, and just for the sake of it it was split up in three parts. Part one

was done by the Tapeking and featured music from the Golden Age of German Rap divided into areas like Hamburg (5 Sterne, Beginner, Eins Zwo), Stuttgart (Freundeskreis, Massive Töne), Heidelberg (Torch, Stieber Twins) etc. Rare Tracks, Vinyl-recordings, Remixes and an exklusive Intro by Lookey feat. Tony Tong as well as a not less exklusive Outro by Geronimo & Dj WildStyle.

Tape two

was done by Dj Castro and adapted the concept from his predecessor on the B-side while the other side was a compilation of Rap from Karlsruhe. A dope Geronimo & Q-Fingaz exklusive, a Tony Tong-Remix and Scratch-interludes where among the highlights of this cassette. Now the third part, whose back will finally unity the brothers Mann like this:

is dedicated to all the DJs and Producers of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, those guys who sadly are unknown in too many cases. Therefore, the cassette’s bigger part consists of intrumentals (a 60/40 mixture if we would be talking about Rum-Coke) plus a nice little Sample-mix for every major producer featured and ever so often a verse or two in between. Kind of revolutinary, this concept, but we can not forever stick around ’96.

And as always, the Tapeking not even bothers to brag around with his Turntable-skills and serves you a smooth and dilligently conveyed 60minute-Mix, whose cover and tracklist you can see beneath.

Slowmotion Intro
Eins Zwo Flaschenpost
Rabauke Weltretten 4-
Profan78,Der Lange Ticket Retro
Too Strong Too Strong meets Business
Manges Tiefergelegt
Perbee Ohne Ende
DCS 1x
Sepalot Kennst du das
Kaleidoskop Für euch
Sepalot Fensterplatz
Blumentopf Samplemix
Blumentopf 6 Meter 90 
Matthias Arfmann Füchse
Absolute Beginner Natural Born Chillas
Beginner Samplemix
Eißfeldt Hammerhart
Bubblez Rapz vom Mond (Remix)
Doppelkopf Endlich
ABS Null-8-15
Discopolo Komma klar (Remix)
Kinderzimmer Productions Quasi Modo Lost Control
Kinderzimmer Productions,Manges Fuck What you have heard
Azad Leben
Azad Drama 
Don Fillipo Erste Schritte
Freundeskreis Esperanto
Dj Stylewarz,Ferris MC Tanz mit mir
Dj Stylewarz 2 MCs und 1 DJ
Echorausch Knock em out the box
CC Diamond Wir Münchner
Pütz Money Beat
Pütz Money Mellow
O-Flow,Kurt Hussn Köln Süd

Hulk Hodn Gangsterberuf
Hulk Hodn Pappmensch
Hulk Hodn Radiowecker
Huss und Hodn Pornofilmkaese

Noy Riches Noys Theme

RAG Schwingungen
Mr Wiz Metropolis


Of course, and as Green should know, the mix is also available on a high-quality  C60-cassette with a hand-made cover and a good dose of love. The mp3-version of the mix can be downloaded HERE.

Take care of it ! Peace, the Tapeking

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Sorry I’m late.

It was a hard decision which tape to choose next and I couldn’t make up my mind for a long time if this one would be appropriate.

I finally decided to take it because it is a really legendary cassette. Not only for its own sake, but also because it stands for my first trip to the Splash!-festival, my first bigger journey alone, and also for the first summer I was at home while my parents were in Hungary. Garden-parties, barbecue, drunken people of unknown name and even origin all around the house. My first car, a Mazda 121 from ’89 in black, totally overloaded with four people and luggage, during our trip to the Splash!2002. A Bavarian Autobahn with us driving downhill with the wind in our back and running possibly 180 kilometers per hour – possibly because the speedometer quit at 160. With the carbody so low down that it hit the backwheel every five minutes with screeching sounds that made one think of disaste while my worshipped built-in tapedeck kept spreading this unique NY-flavour into our packed interior.

That much as a prequel, let’s get to the facts. The tape itself came out in the mid-nineties, maybe even in 96, the year that set so many milestones in Hip Hop. It features five of then most famous DJs and adapts the concept from one of those trashy but still highly acclaimed Eastern-movies:

One Dj represents one master of the martial-art:

P.F. Cuttin aka The Lizard, Mister Cee aka The Toad, Tony Touch aka The Snake, Dj Premier aka The Scorpion, Evil Dee aka The Centipede and together they are

The Five Deadly Venoms of Brooklyn

Each of them has his own unique set but all of them come with a couple of those WuTang-flavoured movie-samples, resulting in a very atmospheric outcome. The mix ain’t that good if you ask me – a lot of backspins and juggles, sometimes rough or no transfers at all – whereas the selection of tracks justifies the tapes legendary reputation.

Tracklist as following:

PF Cuttin:
5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn – Intro
Verbal Hoodz – I’ll Be Damned
Dr Dre & B-Real – Puppet Master
Breeze Evahflowin – Forsaken
Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – Wild Hot
Camp Lo – Say Word
The Dutchmin – Surrounded
Powerule – Bright Lights Big City

Mister Cee:

Zhane – Request Line (Mister Cee Blend)
KRS One – Raptures Delight
Yvette Michelle – Not Feelin You (Mister Cee Blend)
The Veterans (Brucie Bee, Luvbug Starski & DJ Hollywood) – The Medicine
The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize
Frankie Cutlass, Kool G. Rap, Mobb Deep & M.O.P. – Know The Game
Mobb Deep – Young Luv

Tony Touch:
Tony Touch – Deadly Freestyle
Steele Kat One & Lil Noc – Freestyle
Freddie Foxxx – Freestyle
Sunz Of Man & Makeeba – Freestyl
Guru – Freestyle
Channel Live & Benny Boom – Freestyle
Jeru The Damaja & Lil Dap – Freestyle

Dj Premier:
Grand wizard Theodore & Kenny-Kev Rockwell – Military Cut(1982)
Busy Bee vs Kool Moe Dee – Live at The Harlem World (1981)
Double Trouble – Live At The Amphitheater L.E.S. (1982)
Cold Crush – It’s Us (Live 1982)
T La Rock – It’s Yours (1984)
LL Cool J – I Need A Beat (Jazzy Mix 1984)
Malcolm McLaren & World Famous Supreme Team – Buffalo Gals(1983)
MC Lyte – I Cram To Understand (1986)
Divine Force Crew – Holy War (1987)
DJ Premier – Ending Interlude

Evil Dee:
Black Skavengers – Poison Pill
Jeru Tha Damaja – Me Or The Papes
M.O.P. – Downtown Swinga
Krumb Snatcha – Gettin Closer To God
Shamus & FLU – Tight Team
AK Skills – East To West
Shades Of Brooklyn – Calm Under Pressure

Download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1PFRTZWM

Props to “Crooklyn’s Classics” for the upload.

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Yes, after the return of the tourblog with two epic GreenT-posts and the return of cydetrack with thought-provoking FreeTibet-posts, the Tapeking is back, too.

I am sorry that I could not serve you with a Top Ten Tape-Post the last week, but University preparations and the exhausting fixing of my pre-made schedule took all my time. Now that I have my free day this week, it is time for an AMAZING DOUBLE TAPE POST !





















Okay, enough awe shown, here we go:

As far as I know, there are four cassettes which ever came out on Stones Throw.

Rasco, ‘The Unassisted ‘ as a cassette single. 1997, Stones Throw:

The next one is the Lootpack Demotape ‘Pieces of Soundpieces‘, 1999, Stones Throw, the snippet of the album with a lot of bonus stuff like live songs and interviews, leading to a total playtime of about 40 minutes. I already showed it around here once, but here we go again:

Thirdly, and certainly the most known, is the limited J. DillaRuff Draft‘ Re-Release on cassette. 2007, Stones Throw:

It came out in a bundle with a t-shirt, the cassette also has the the whole instrumentals of the album on the B-side. Green will know !

And finally there is number four:

Breakestra – ‘Live Mix Pt. 1

I found this precious piece two years ago on ebay US. According to the inlay, it was made in Japan and imported by Stones Throw. According to their website, it is

the first ever live funk/breaks mix collection recorded by the group back in 1996. Previously only available on an extremely rare cassette release“.

There is also a 3000 copy CD Re-Release, but it only has a length of 35 minutes while the cassette comes with analogue-only 90 minutes – yeah !

I don’t know if it can be digitalized, for it is chained to my tape-room, but at least the bunch of you guys who are touring right now will have the opportunity to listen to this tape in a car at the Zurich-tourstop. Promised.

Let’s move on from this debut to another one. This time not in LA but in Eimsbüttel, a small suburb of Hamburg. In imitation of Flatbush/NY, the label, which was founded in 1997, called itself “Eimsbush”. They had to go insolvency in late 2003, but in the six years inbetween they wrote a chapter of German Raphistory.

Their second release, and the first in a famous and even today still wanted series of tapes (you do not get the following tape at ebay under 40 EUR), was the Dynamite Deluxe Demo:

The first recording of this legendary German Rapcrew featured a rough sound, a sometimes really horrible mastering and some of the dopest beats and flows which were ever heard in German Rap. It also featured Denyo, from the Absolute Beginner-crew who would one year later launch ‘Bambule‘, and layed the foundation for a collective of musicians who would call themselves the Mongo Clikke. This huge crew consisted of the top artists of the then stronghold of German Rap in Hamburg City and were at the peak of their success with the highly acclaimed posse-track K2 in 1999.

In the course of their carreer as a tape-label, because that is what interests us, they brought out 13 cassettes:

Vol. 01 – Dynamite Deluxe Demo, already mentioned above.

Vol. 02 – La Boom, a two-man project consisting of Eißfeldt (Beginner) and Tropf (Dynamite Deluxe) with an Electronic-Dub-Downtempo-experiment

Vol. 03 – The Ultimate Freestyle Tape, pure improvisation with a couple of classic rhymes by Samy Deluxe

Vol. 04 – Seven Inchbiznizz, Reggae ..

Vol. 05 – The Ultimate Live Tape, with on-stage recordings of the labels most known songs.

Vol. 06 – Raggamania, Reggae ..

Vol. 07 – Bushbeats Represent, a classic Remix-tape with a classic shoutout by Harald Schmidt.

Vol. 08 – Hotta Ragga Vol. 2, Reggae ..

Vol. 09 – Connections One and

Vol. 10 – Connections Two, by Dj Mad (Absolute Beginner)

Vol. 11 – Hotta Ragga Vol.3, Reggae ..

Vol. 12 – Dark Horizon, with Seanie T, a rapper from South East, London. Anyone here knows him ?

Vol. 13 – Paolo 77 – Weitersagen, German rap album

Vol. 14 – Roots Rockers Soundsystem, Reggae ..

Vol. 15 – Roots Rockers Soundsystem – Just Cruisin, Reggae ..

Vol. 16 – Twisted – Sprache Der Strasse, German rap album

All those names just as a brief overlook. I first wanted to give you the Download-link of the first tape, but because I don’t know how many here would understand the raps (and I can’t listen to music I don’t understand) I recommend you to download the Tapes 9 & 10:

Connections by Dj Mad, two dope concept-tapes with which he made himself a name as a talented mix-tape discjockey. The cassettes connect rap songs with their original sample sources, soul/funk etc. to rap as well as rap to rap, all in a fluent and well-conducted mix. But enough talk, you best listen by yourself. The mp3-files are both sides together, the password to extract them is ‘fett-x’ (took the links from fettrap.com).

Connections One. Tracklist:

Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark

Ice Cube – It was a good day

Compton’s Most Wanted – The Hood took me under

Gwen McRae – 90% of me is you

Jay Dee – Strange funky games and things

EPMD – Manslaughter

Das EFX – Real Hip Hop (Remix & Original)

Norman Connors – The Creator has a master plan

Mtume – Juicy Fruit

Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

Mary Jane Girls – All night long

Big Daddy King – Smooth Operator

ESG – U.F.O.

Black Moon – Jump Up

Low Profile – Pay ya dues

J.B.’s – Funky Watergate

Low Profile – Funky Song

Ripple – Funky Song

MC Lyte – Funky Song

Def Jef – God made me funky

Average White Band & Ben E. King – Get it up for love

Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip

Eric B. & Rakim – Paid in full

A Tribe Called Quest – Luck of Lucien

Billy Brooks – Black Flag

Connections Two. Tracklist:

Hall & Oates – I can’t go for that (No can do)

De La Soul – Say no go

Tyrone Thomas & The Whole Darn Family – 7 Minutes of Funk

EPMD – It’s my thing

Marva Whitney – It’s my thing

Public Enemy – Bring the Noise

Cypress Hill – How I could just kill a man

Redman – Time 4 sume aksion

Kool G. Rap & Dj Polo – Streets of New York

Fatback Band – Learn how to dance

Eddie Hazel – Frantic Moment

Gangstarr – Take 2 and pass

Gangstarr – Check the technique

Marlena Show – California Soul

A.D.O.R. – Let it all hang out

Funk Factory – Rien ne va plus

Beastie Boys – Car thief

Beastie Boys – What comes around

Eddie Harris & The Three Sounds – Put on train

Bill Whithers – Kissing my love

Dr. Dre – Let me ride

Parliament – Mothership Connection

Sweet Tee – On the smooth tip

A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum

Ramp – Daylight

Mandrill – Mango Meat

Jungle Brothers – Straight out the jungle

Allright, while this post has reached the point where my notebook starts to slow down, I would like to give those who are interested in the other Eimsbush-cassettes a link where most of them can be downloaded. Don’t want to oversaturate you with mp3’s (in fact I already became it during the last two hours in which I wrote this post), but just for those who want to dig a little deeper into this legendary tapeseries, here we go.

That much from the Tapeking, I am looking forward to get some feedback from you guys – maybe from those who are on tour right now, too. Thanks for reading, I’m out ..

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Good Morning. Has anyone except myself downloaded the DJ Adlib-Tape yet ?

Come on boys and girls, don’t let me play the role of a solo entertainer, give me some feedback or at least an affirmation like “Got it” or “Download’s running“. Because the only thing worse than bad feedback is no feedback at all. Thanks for the attention !

And now with no further ado, back to our weekly series:

Let’s leave Manuva and the streets of Vienna and move westwards through Austria and straight to the Landeshauptstadt of Bavaria.

To Munich, where, after a brief guest appearance on a city sampler the year before, a crew called Blumentopf brings out their first record called “Abhängen” in 1996 – the year in which so many of HipHop’s masterpieces were made.

What few know, but what I’m about to tell you right now, is that this three track Maxi was originally a Demo-CD, recorded only 15 times, which was called “Topfhits”.

In later days, Sepalot, the crews Producer and DJ, will use –

or wait, let me switch the tense

– Sepalot, whose new record in 2008 features Frank ‘N Dank, used the name of his crews old Demo-CD and started a series of Mixtapes.

In 2006, more precise on the 6th of October, Blumentopf started the tour to their new Album “Musikmaschine” in Heidelberg. The venue was totally packed and while all my friends headed to the merchandise-desk to buy the new CD and the new shirts, I went there to buy the long awaited, and highly anticipated, 6th part of his tapeseries:

Whow !

This time the cover does not convince because of its photo, but because of its composition of white and black, its simplicity, the graphical perfection with which they combined the tape’s and the DJ’s name.

On Hip Hop Vinyl, where the tape and its counterpart on CD can still be bought, they describe the genre as

Hip Hop + Soul / Funk / Jazz + Headz / Electronica“.

And if you have already checked out Sepalots Myspace-tracks, which I strongly recommend you to not just because for the sake of understanding this description but because it’s really innovative and good music, you should be able to tell that this is not an exaggeration to create a larger market area and boost the record-sales but a matter of fact.

He really included all this types of music in a 90-minute-mix – and he did it very good. So good that if there would be an award for the Mixtape with the best balanced and conducted musical varieties, it would doubtlessly go to this cassette !

I don’t want to get into details right here, for I will give you a tracklist and you can furthermore listen to each of the tracks on the shop-link I posted above, but I wanted to point out the few exclusive tracks he did for that tape:

Besides the fantastic Intro of the B-side, there is the electro-hymn together with Fab (unknown to me, but sounding dope) and the very weird, but nevertheless entertaining, track together with Luut & Tüütli, a crew from Switzerland who rap in that country’s very own dialect.

Here goes the tracklist:

1 – intro
2 – sa-ra / fish fillet feat. pharoahe monch
3 – owusu & hannibal / delirium
4 – up hygh / love dat
5 – p-funk all stars / hydraulic pump
6 – saukrates / saukrates season
7 – freddie cruger / something good
8 – promoe – oh no / stomp that
9 – krs 1 – oh no – ricki rucker / boogie down ox
10 – hearin`aid / higher
11 – slum village / climax RMX
12 – marvin vs wjk (waajeed) / musiq
13 – dudley perkins / funky dudlley
14 – yam who? / get up off
15 – choclair / rubbin’
16 – aloe blacc / evildoers
17 – j dilla / e=mc2 feat. common

18 – sepalot / the measured amount of chaos
19 – detroit experiment / highest
20 – j dilla / so far to go feat. common & d’angelo
21 – little brother / say it again
22 – steve spacek / simply so
23 – annetta jackson / meditation
24 – mpho skeef / don’t like you
25 – red astaire / feel th horns blow
26 – sepalot / whats next to the moon feat. Fab
27 – coup / my favorite mutiny
28 – mouse on mars / wipe that sound
29 – slum village / 1, 2
30 – the meters / cardova
31 – busta rhymes / you can’t hold the torch feat. q-tip
32 – chock rock / happy man
33 – luut & tüütli / wenis gseh prod. Sepalot
34 – rolling stones – alkaholiks / rain fall flute song
35 – the early man / scene

Enough for today. Read soon ..

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