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I hope you’ve already battled MC Juggernaut in Barnsley Green! – You gotta get past this guy next!

“I’d love to have the life of a rapper – The bling, the be-hatches”

Nice one Steve

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THIS is a Ben One mix

And THIS is one hell of a tracklisting!

Ben one – War on televison

Here’s a pic of him >

  1. Intro
  2. Jehst – Nuke Proof Suit
  3. Dangerdoom- Benzi Box
  4. Akala – Bullshit (Inst)
  5. Latryx – Flickering Flame
  6. M.O.P – Ante Up (Inst)
  7. Roots Manuva – Witness (Dub Version)
  8. Nostalgia 77 – Seven Nation Army (Accapella)
  9. Herb Albert – Rise
  10. Dennis Bovell – Beefys Theme
  11. Evil Nine – Skit One
  12. El-P – Jukie, Skate,Roll
  13. The Players – What’s Your Problem (Accapella)
  14. Western Soul – Strictly Rockers
  15. Nostalgia 77 – Alton Road
  16. Pharell Williams – Can I Have It Like That (Inst)
  17. Marlena Shaw – Women Of The Ghetto
  18. Ben One – Semi Conductor
  19. Joe Budden- Pump It Up (Inst)
  20. Four Tet – A Joy (Album version)
  21. Red Snapper – One Legged Low Frequency Guy
  22. Dadelus feat MF Doom (Accapella)
  23. Evil Nine – Skit Two
  24. Ben One – Fairy Stories
  25. Jefferson Airplane – Today
  26. Tom Scott – Today (Bonus Drums)
  27. Latyrx – Lady Dont Tek No
  28. Paris – Check It Out Now
  29. Ben One – Marimbau (Dub)
  30. Ben One – Killing Your Sound (Dub)
  31. Optimus Prime/Junior Disprol – Slang Shotgunn
  32. New Mastersound – Album Cut
  33. Aceyalone – Accepted Eclectic
  34. Western Soul – Vary Mary
  35. Diesler – ???
  36. Skits/Million Dan/MCD – Military Rhythm
  37. Damian Marley – Move
  38. Advertising The Invisible – Theme from..
  39. Wild Style – O.S.T-Hectic Style
  40. Katch 22 – Get Together Now
  41. Demon Boys – Dett
  42. Kinetic Effect – Beyond The Parameters of Amateurs (Inst)
  43. Evil Nine/Aesop Rock – Crooked
  44. Rhyme Cut Core – Crossroads (Inst)
  45. Aim – Journey To The End Of The Night
  46. Psychonauts – Hot Blood
  47. Hexstatic/Juice Aleem – Distorted Minds
  48. Vex’d – Slime
  49. Outro

He also does a bit of this! >

Talented chap!

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New Wax Poetics is in stock at Fat city people! – Fat city is a dope record shop owned by a certain Mark Rae of ‘Rae and Christian’ & ‘Grand Central records’ fame – You can find it here.

Wax poetics is a seriously dope bi-monthly magazine devoted to Soul, Funk, Jazz & Hip-Hop – if you dont know – get to know. £7 very well spent. Well done you.

This months main feature is an 8 page interview with the first Reverend of black america, no, not Jesse Jackson or Rev. Run – But the one and only – Reverend Al Green. An amazing insight into a life much misunderstood by the masses, this guys got some serious life stories.

And best of all – he reveals a little bit about his new album, which is produced by – Holy fuck this is promising something – ?uestlove!!!!!!!! – Jeeeeez – could be a good ‘un then!

Oh and a nice interview with some guy called Q-Tip – apparantly he was in some group called A Tribe Called Quest or something….I heard they were reforming this summer for touring. But hell, I don’t know.

So cop a copy of wax poetics and slip back in yer armchair with this sexy number on your headphones.


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The Funk Brothers

Once upon a time there was record label based in Detroit, Michigan – The motor city. This label happened to be responsible for so many soul hits throughout the 60’s & 70’s that the label and the ‘sound’ that the label produced was referred to by a name all to itself – ‘MOTOWN’

Dancing in the street, My girl, Heatwave, I want you back, I heard it through the grapevine, Tracksof my tears, Shotgun, Tears of a clown, Ill be there, Aint too proud to beg, Superstition, Ball of confusion, Jimmy Mack, This old heart of mine, ABC, Shoparound, Papa was a rolling stone…..

Manged to keep up? – Think you know who they’re by? – Wrong.

Every single one of these tracks and hundreds more were all by the same band. THE FUNK BROTHERS.

Motown’s in house session band worked so endlessly on making hit after hit that they ended up having more number ones than The beatles, Rolling stones, beach boys & Elvis COMBINED. But Motown did not have exclusivity on James Jamerson, Earl Van Dyke, Joe Hunter, Eddie Willis, Joe Messina Robert White and the others often moonlit in Jazz bars and for other labels…..

The funk brothers best kept secrets were the tracks not cut for Motown such as this funky little tittie shaker from ‘The Capitols’ which is basically The Funk Brothers & Bootsy Collins before Bootsy went on to be the best motherfucking Bass guitarist that ever lived for James Brown then later for Parliament/Funkadelic

Sing along if you know the words!


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One goes by the name of Baila, another by the name of Para, and theres another one called Ben One.

They’re from Swindon, and if you’ve ever been there – you’ll know why these guys are so fucking good;Theres not a lot to do in Swindon. Thank god they discovered DJing. Para & Baila played at the Dugout not so long ago. Para has numerous scratch records out on ‘HOTSHOT’ records, and they are expertly put together. Not only that but Para had his bebut release on Breakin Bread not too long ago, a cheeky re-edit of ‘Funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter’ by Nina Simone – He’s got another coming out very soon, which is a total banger.

Their debut mix release ‘The Saxton Collection’ was named best Mix of the year by HipHopConnection. Not that that is a mark of quality, but its got your boy indecision’s stamp of approval…..It’s heinously sick.

But to tease you into spending some cash and buying it, here’s a mix recorded live at a Blunted night about a year ago or so. For free!


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gotta love obama…

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rey rude remember

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